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We offer several opportunities to Partner with Us. We would love you join us and Shift Our Dementia Care Culture™ from Crisis to Comfort throughout the world. Check out our FREE Categories in the Resource Directory

You might also make a great guest on Alzheimer's SpeaksRadio, so please CONTACT US  if you think you want to be on the program.

Or do you have an article, video or audio you would like to push out via social media? We can help there too!  For a nominal fee we can launch you out into the world of  social media.  For assistance CONTACT US here.

Lets Talk About Partnership Opportunities!

Please check out The Pride Principle™ which is a FREE social media badge showing support for our Elderly!  Join the Cause! It’s easy to do and we are hoping it goes viral. As a society we have groups that support our animals, our children and our environment.  Isn’t time we have a movement to support our Elderly?  Give it some thought.  Remember you will be an elder sooner than you think!

Watch the sample speaker video in the bottom left corner of this page, called "Driving Change In Caregiving" which will give you an idea of what Lori can offer your organization.


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