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From The People That Know Lori La Bey Best


"Every Nursing Home & Memory Care should hear Lori's presentations."  Professional Attendee

"Lori La Bey is an amazing speaker.  She bravely takes her audience on her journey with her mum who had dementia for 30 years.  As we follow her through this journey, she imparts golden nuggets of practical information."  A Professional Carer who attend one of Lori's presentations.


"Her heart is pure and her words are pure truth.  I wish others thought like her."  Professional at recent presentation

"She's AMAZING!"  Family Caregiver

"We were absolutely thrilled to have Lori LaBey, Founder & CEO of Alzheimer’s Speaks join us at The Royal Golf Club to present to our professional partners on Wednesday morning with her signature presentation “Stigmas & Betty the Bald Chicken”. She wowed us again last night with her “Caregiver Survival Camp” to families. Both presentations were very emotional & moving to hear her experiences with her own mom through this journey as well as her many resources & expertise with Dementia."

Jana McCoy, Director of Marketing - Artis Senior Living of Woodbury 

 "Lori is a fantastic speaker. Her stories are real and come from the heart.  Everyone can relate to that!

Ryan Champion, Sales Director at the Shores - A United Methodist Community 

"Lori's energizing spirit truly kicked off the day in just the right way. Lori's content was meaningful and her delivery was excellent."

Mary Beth Lewis, Alzheimer’s Association Delaware Valley Chapter, South Jersey Office  

Lori you will be thrilled to hear the comments about your presentations. They were unanimously terrific! In addition to the overall “Yes” answers to the

question… “Was the Keynote Speaker clear and demonstrated knowledge of subject?  Many caregivers added personal notes such as: 

“I wish there had been more time for the Q & A session. It was so great when Ms. La Bey came down into the audience to field our questions. Her connection to us at that time was just so warm and very personal and we were hoping for more time. As hungry as I was, I didn’t want to stop for lunch!” :-)


“Excellent Presentations!”

“It was very obvious Ms. La Bey was speaking from the heart…her presentation was delivered beautifully.”  


“I enjoyed hearing from a speaker who has walked in our shoes and clearly understands the challenging journey of a caregiver.”

“I learned so many things.”

“I loved how Ms. La Bey walked from one side of the stage to the other. She really made a positive connection to the entire audience.”  

You did an outstanding job for us, Lori, and we send our heartfelt thanks again to you for sharing so much of your time and expertise for our caregiving families and our staff.

Joyce Kennedy, Manager – Center for Family Caregivers

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We are confident in recommending Lori La Bey, Founder, Alzheimer’s Speaks as a Keynote speaker.  Her passionate style engages the audience and she is incredibly informative. She relates directly with the audience through shared experiences and provides great advice. Lori has a deep professional expertise, and it shows.   

Lori was our closing speaker of our three day Annual Conference.  LeadingAge Washington’s - "The Power of Purpose: Changing Your Life and Others." Her presentation - a life changing story of how “ Purpose ” chose me, was outstanding.  

She was energetic and used examples of how her concepts worked in real-life situations. She will deliver valuable information in an inspiring and entertaining manner. 

Feedback from the conference planning committee and our leadership team was extremely positive.  Many attendees commented that she was one of the best speakers they had heard. 

We can highly recommend Lori as a speaker and know that we will have the opportunity to hear her again in the future.
Pat Sylvia, Director of Education & Member Development

 LeadingAge Washington

oprah snap

"WOW"! You are very talented at directing the dialogue’s without manipulating the direction of the conversations. Also, your ability to include each participant while remaining sensitive to whether they want to add to the topic at the moment is really seamless.  I just wanted to share with you how much I recognize your strengths and am in awe of your talent.”      Kelley Horton, Founder/CEO - Dementia Connections Coalition


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"If you want a speaker who can speak honestly because she truly understands, Lori is your person.  She has lived the life.  Our audience loved her real-life tips as they were practical and easy."   Eva Veitch, Community Living Services Director and Long-Term Care Ombudsman - Region 10 Colorado


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Her Audience...

"I have known Lori for some time now and would have her to my building for presentations at any time. Lori has that personal touch that I haven’t seen in others. Everyone that I know that has seen the movie or has heard Lori speak has a great respect for her. I will always look for contacts that could benefit from Lori coming to their community. Highly recommend!!!"


Deb Bland, Marketing Director - Elk River Senior Living 


“It was, in my opinion, the best CEU I have been to yet, and we are very thankful for all you did to help make our CEU event so successful.”

Laura Kruse Mazzocco, Care Manager - Twin Cities Care

audience shot from conference

Thank you so for your visit to Dubuque.  I want to tell you first thing this morning that you continue to inspire all of us to bring our “A” game with seniors.  One thing was clear after your presentation.  There is no short supply of how we can serve!  I will never forget you story of the chicken who kept losing her feathers only to find a secret society at the bottom of the cliff.  You had all of them from Dubuque in front of you yesterday and you inspired each and every one of them.

Thank YOU for the work that you do nationwide.   It became clear to me yesterday that when our well runs low for the work that we do, who is there to fill us up?  You are!  Thank you so very much.  I am good to go for a long, long time after the inspiration, encouragement and “just get it done” approach that you model for all of us.

Many blessings and continued success.

Laura Nissen, Sales and Marketing Coordinator - Luther Manor Communities


Thank you again for coming to Schererville.  We have had a lot of positive feedback regarding your presentation.  We look forward to having you return for a visit once our community is open.

Dawn Griffin, Director of Sales and Marketing  - Clarendale of Schererville

"Lori does so much for the Dementia community and gives so freely of her heart. This is a superb example of 'Talking the Talk' after 'Walking the Walk'. We can all learn from this person; how to give and not expect anything in return."

PhilCar ChoAlm, Facebook Follower

Lori has a true gift for connecting with her audience on an emotional level.  All participants were truly engaged and evaluations of her presentations were very high.  She is a gifted speaker as well as a wonderful person.

Dena Stolze, Health Operations Coordinator -Northeast Iowa Community College

WOW, Your impact is incredible.  I definitely embrace the power of small single acts that everyone can do. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

Lori Gerval, Community Relations Coordinator, Elder Homestead of Volunteer of America


 Lori is full of passion and she cares with all her heart sharing beautiful stories that deliver heartfelt insights and practical tips to shift our thought process. Lori is willing to share everything she knows to be able to help someone.  We would love to host her again!

 Kylynn Wilson, Marketing/Admissions Director – Crossroads Senior Living


Lori is an incredibly dynamic and compassionate speaker. By sharing her own story, with all of its highs and lows, she made it okay to both laugh and cry – and our audience did both! Lori recognizes that life with dementia still has with meaning, and we admired her work to restore dignity and humanity to people with dementia and their families. It’s an encouraging change in how we talk about caregiving!

Leslie Lindsay, Community Outreach Coordinator - Alzheimer's Alliance of Smith County


We cannot thank you enough for the opportunity for so many folks to view this film. I am still getting calls asking how we came about this screening.

Colleen A.Straka, Director of Sales/Marketing - Clarendale of Algonquin

First of all, Tracy, myself and our Nurse Manager, Jacque, wanted to express our appreciation for your visit to Dubuque for our Dementia Summit! We found your talks truly inspiring and benefited immensely from your passion and knowledge on Dementia. Your personal stories were so touching, thank you for sharing…one of our family members also attended the conference and was so moved by the day’s events that she was still in tears as we were heading home!

As we continue with our dementia friendly initiative, we wanted to add to our training materials with some of the additional resources that you shared. Do we have your permission to add your resources to the resource section of the manual that we leave with businesses? We would not change a thing…we would leave everything in its entirety…your name/website/contact info all on there and just copy the handout with your “Alzheimer’s Speaks” header on the top. Please let us know how you feel about this!  (The Answer - Absolutely YES!)

Stacy Martin, Community Relations Coordinator - Bell tower Retirement Community


Watch the speaker video called "Driving Change In Caregiving" below which will give you an idea of what Lori can offer your organization. Humor, humility and Inspriation.

Video snap Driving Change in Caregiving

As a professional in the field, it is important to remember that when you are helping someone with Dementia, it is not just the individual that you are helping, but the whole family unit is affected. It was amazing after Lori came to show “His Neighbor Phil” the response that we got from the family members was outstanding and so moving for them! It gave them an outlet to talk about what they are going through compared to a typical memory support group.

Samantha Fritsche, Recreation Coordinator atThe Alton Memory Care

Lori has the ability to turn the audience inward, to encourage them to explore what they know about the person suffering with the illness, in order to look for ways to help customize a way of living that is unique, and beneficial for both caring roles.

Kelli Stover, SCI-AHEC Director - Rend Lake College (6 hour training)

The presentation was simply amazing and thoroughly captivating with just the right amount of humor.

Grant County Dementia Care Network Southwest, Wisconsin

The amount of knowledge that Lori has from her own caregiving experience and through the connections she has made around the world provided valuable information for our audience. Her personable style helped to set the tone for our conference and there was a great sense of hope and community by the end of the day. The information about social media supporting caregivers and those with the disease helped to empower attendees as did the overall positive attitude on the topic.

Trina Johnson-Brady, Community Relations Specialist Marketing and Institutional Advancement, Phoebe Ministries

As a Conference Planner, I appreciate that Lori was exceptionally easy to work with, professional, accommodating, and delivered exactly what was promised with no need for oversight. As an audience member, I appreciate Lori’s excellent and polished presentation style and her ability to capture and hold my attention and provide me with tools to make a difference.

Amy Dukes, Outreach and Corporate Education Specialist - Alzheimer's Association Greater Pennsylvania Chapter

Lori is a very passionate individual and it shows in her presentation. It is apparent that she is a seasoned speaker and has the ability to draw her audience in and become engaged mentally and emotionally. 

Holly Eide, Area Manager of HealthStar Home Health

Lori is an amazing and inspirational speaker! She is giving and generous with her time and energy and shows her passion for Alzheimer's patients and their caregivers. Lori's personal and professional expertise is priceless and her ability to convey ideas to the general public is outstanding. I highly recommend Lori as a speaker and a person able to reach a large number of people in highly effective ways. She spoke as an expert and caregiver at the LAMAA 3rd Annual Dementia Conference in Brainerd, MN on May 21, 2013 garnering rave reviews from the audience on her evaluations. We will ask Lori to come back to our conference in future years.

Corrie Brown, Clinical Therapist at Lakewood Health System

What an honor and privilege it was for us to be guests on your radio show Alzheimer's Speaks.  You made us feel so comfortable and relaxed!  Your voice is so soothing and genuine.  A gift to your listening and adoring fans around the world.  It was fun and exhilarating. Cheers!

Stone Morris and Sarah Gorham, Grind Dining Founders

I am a nurse and dementia educator in an assisted living community out on Western New York. I have utilized many of your teaching tools in my classes, and have been a fan of the work you do for quite some time.

Thank you so much for all that you do in the field. I find your information very valuable and your methods, very down to earth!

 Melissa D'Agostino, Corporate Training Coordinator Tanglewood Manor

Lori has a special gift of addressing difficult subjects with sensitivity, humor and a unique perspective that brings the topic alive for the audience. Everyone felt moved and inspired by her presentation.  We also felt comforted by the new caregiver perspectives.  Lori is a delight to work with and we look forward to connecting again in the future!Lo

Joan Elkins, Seasons Hospice Director of Volunteer Services


Lori brings a ménage of acceptance and hope.

Cindy Engelkes, Director of Caring & Health Ministries


Her energy, enthusiasm and knowledge open participants to a new perspective on life as a caregiver. Thanks for the great presentation.  Loved the chicken analogy.

Linda Shell, Corporate Director of Education and Learning for Volunteers of America



"As the Cookie Crumbles" captured an avid audience in person and via our internal webinar system. We received glowing reviews. She opened many eyes and hearts.

Mary Devine, Exec Chair: Boomers Connection MN & Wells Fargo and Nat Sales Recruiter


Ms. La Bey has the ability to engage an audience with heartfelt stories of her personal experiences with Alzheimer's disease, and provides uniquely insightful ways of working with an inflicted family member. Through animated storytelling, she paints a vivid picture of the struggles and joys of being a caregiver. Her perspective and positive outlook will leave the audience feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and confident in their interactions with their loved one.                                           Jenna Seal Suite Living and A Drop of Hope


Lori's presentation at the Caregiver conference made everyone feel at ease.  Her graceful message moved many emotionally to tears, realizing that she spoke with firsthand knowledge of her and their experience.  She had colleagues, caregivers, and those afflicted enchanted by her cunning way to address this awful disease and to let everyone know what a valuable part we all play.  "Is a bald chicken, still a chicken?" hit the nail on the head for those in the room and also teaching that humor is a beautiful thing!  Well done Lori!

Tammy Kucera, Director of Marketing - CLP Management


Excellent Speaker.  Incredible passion, heartwarming stories from personal experience as a caregiver, meaningful and thought provoking presentation. 

Terry R. Barclay, Ph D., L.P.  Clinical Neuropsychologist, Health Partners


If your organization wishes to understand dementia and Alzheimer's disease in a more experiential way; one that will equip you and your staff to recognize those moments of joy while providing tools to cope. I whole heartedly recommend Lori.

Christine Maxwell, Amedisys Home Health Care


I believe what sets individuals apart is their level of passion, compassion and commitment.  Lori represents the highest level of all three.

Beth Paterson, Executive VP- Prestige Mortgage, LLC Reverse Mortgages of SIDAC


Lori La Bey imparts the gift of acceptance to those who struggle with loving someone with Dementia, Alzheimers or aging disease. She has reframed the caregiver's pain into acceptance and new understanding. This woman is walking the walk, but has softened the talk to reach the most hardened hearts and ears. 

Janie Jasin – National Speaker


Lori speaks from the heart.  Her message is clear, her resources are new and fresh, and she gets to the raw human emotion of providing care properly in our industry.  She will inspire you to run back and spread the word about care giving with a renewed approach.

Debbie Bathke, Executive Director - Sheridan Medical Complex


Lori La Bey was unbelievably.  I've been to multiple conferences as an RN and this by far is the best one I've ever attended.

Anonymous, RN


"Incredible! Educational, passionate, and definitely worth my time."
Keys words from Washington County Senior Workers Evaluations


Good real life examples of life with a loved one with Alzheimer's disease and good down home advice on how to cope and get the care that is needed.

Bret C. Haake, MD Assistant Medical Director of Neurosciences - Health Partners



She is wonderful, knowledgeable and fun.  I'd like to be her parent.

Barb Einan, Family Participant


Lori's passion for connecting words of wisdom, helpful resources, and guidance through for what is for many a very difficult time was inspiring to me.

Heather Rosenwald, Corporate Director of Sales Fairview Hospital/Ebenezer

Excellent Presentation

Michelle Brady, Meeting Planner – Alzheimer's Research Center

Lori is an engaging speaker.  She had staff attention throughout with good use of emotion & humor.  Praise & acknowledgement of their work from an actual family member was valuable.

Dean McDevitt, VOA

Lori has great personal stories that touch your heart. Her presentation allows you to look at Alzheimer's disease differently.  You will laugh and cry.

Brenda Gammelgaard, Marketing Director Rose Arbor

Thank you so much for your support and fantastic presentation.  It was very well received. I learned quite a bit from it.

Sini Ross, BrightStar St. Croix Valley - Owner

Thank you for the opportunity to attend the Ethics Seminar and get 2 credits.  It was well worth the 2 hours.  There's always something new to learn & opportunity to grow. 

Unknown - Roitenberg Family Assisted Living

It is always an enlighten message from Lori. She brings humor, meaning, love and caring to her programs. Thanks Lori for all you do to support the caregivers in our lives.

CHARLENE JEBENS, Vice President & Business Partner at Always Graceful Living









 Please Note - All Illusrtations by Harry Pulver








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