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Lori La Bey is a contributing author in four books. Three are regarding dementia and caregiving; a fourth targets women’s issues.  She is working on her own manuscript which shares life lessons learned through her thirty plus year caring journey for her Mother. Soon her book “Betty The Bald Chicken – Lessons In Caring & Friendships,” which is one of her signature keynote stories.

La Bey has been published in a variety of publications, designed training materials, and has a blog. If you have a need for writing services Contact Lori.


Bedpan Banter- Medical Stories of Humor and Inspiration

Lori La Bey has three stories in this book: It is about simple pleasures. Is about how faith and the past can help us live in the present Is about shifting perceptions.




Life Choices – Putting the Pieces Together 

Lori La Bey's story in this book is called "A Caregiver's Nightmare – Mirror Image" 

Thisis story about an epiphany Lori had about Caregiving and Enabling and how it has changed her life.



Love Like God- Embracing Unconditional Love 

The story in this book is called "Alzheimer's, Faith and the Bikini"

which is about pain, loss, faith and moving forward.



fundamentally female book cover Fundamentally Female™

Is a global collaboration—by, for, and about women—that identifies the universal substance of a woman: the friendships she honors, the vulnerability she exposes, the impact she makes, the intimacy she covets, the secrets she keeps.









"Alzheimer's Speaks- As The Cookie Crumbles - Guiding Caregivers To Be Their Very Best!

This book will be about "Giving Voice and Enriching Lives."  The manuscript is designed to help Care Partners both professional and family to: identify stress triggers so they can reduce combative behaviors and create remarkable moments with those they love and work with.  The book will also provide tips to live in balance and peace by incorporating Lori's life philosophy: Live to be PLLAFULL™. The acronym stands for: Powerful Last Lessons of Acceptance, Forgiveness and Unconditional Love and Letting Go. Harry Pulver is the illustrator and has done a fantastic job capturing the essence of the message.


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Betty The Bald Chicken –

Lessons In How We Care

This signature story has gotten an overwhelming response for audiences with requests for it to be in book form. La Bey and Scott Calson are now finalizing this book and are very excited about it’s launch.                  

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