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Our Mission is to Shift Our Dementia Care Culture ™. Our goal is to remove stigmas related to the disease by engaging people in conversation, answering their questions, listening to their comments and raising awareness in a positive light. We are firm believers in giving hope and empowering others to live with the disease not as the disease.  The general format of the sessions is interview style.

Dementia Chats Hosts

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Lori La Bey, Founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks is also the creator and host of Dementia Chats. She facilitates the group and asks our experts living with dementia questions and pull participants into the conversation to get their questions answered and their comments heard. Lori is a professional speaker and trainer on dementia and caregiving.   Her mother has struggled with dementia for over 30 years and she is now in her end stages of the disease.Lori is very proud and humbled to be recognized by Maria Shriver as an "Architect of Change" and by Dr. Oz and Sharecare as the #1 Influencer online for Alzheimer's.


 Eilon Caspi, Ph.D., Gerontologist and Dementia Behavior Specialist...and woodcarver. He is the founder and director of Dementia Behavior Consulting LLC. Website:  http://dementiabehaviorconsulting.com He also has a blog called: The International Center for Prevention of Distressing and Harmful Resident-to-Resident Interactions in Dementia in Long-Term Care Homes:   http://eiloncaspiabbr.tumblr.com  
Our Experts Actually Have Dementia

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Michael Ellenbogen, is 54 years old. His career was in Information Technology, where he was a high level manager. Michael was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease at the age of 49. He is no longer able to work. Michael now spend my time trying to increase awareness of this disease, and work to increase funding for research. He just finished writing his book outlining my experience with Alzheimer’s.

Brian LeBlanc

Brian LeBlanc is a retired public relations / marketing executive who is now living with Early-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease since 2014. He volunteers his time speaking Internationally, Nationally and Locally about all things Alzheimer's and other Dementia-Related Illnesses.

harry Urban

Harry Urban has been living with dementia for several years.  Since diagnosis, he has become a world wide advocate for change through his FaceBook Pages called "Forget me Not," his blog and collaborations.  Harry is a voice that inspires us all.

paulan gordon 100615

Paulan Gordon lives in Ohio. She was diagnosed in 201,1 at the age of 57 with dementia, probably of a vascular origin. Paulan has two grown children (daughter and son) and three grandchildren. She lives with her husband and care partner, Gregory, who is preparing to retire. Paulan had two major careers; one as Director of Operations for a large investment firm and then as an Independent Travel Consultant. Paulan believes that there is life after diagnosis, and helps others by making videos, writing articles, making comments on posts, mentoring a couple of women newly diagnosed with dementia, participating in Dementia Chats webinar series and contributing to the "Dementia Knowledge Exchange Global" Facebook group based in the UK. 

Truful Kindness pic

Truthful Loving Kindness is my full legal name is Truthful Loving Kindness, and Mild Cognitive Impairment is one of my many medical complications. As a human being, my mission is to demonstrate Truthful Loving Kindness. As a person with dementia symptoms, I do that by sharing my own lived experiences in my blog project, and gathering projects of others in monthly newsletter.

Laurie Scherrer

Laurie Scherrer was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's & FTD in August of 2013. Unable to continue a professional career she turned her focus towards helping others through their dementia journey. She is an active dementia mentor and active in many support groups. In her website, dementiadaze.com Laurie shares her feelings, challenges and symptoms in hopes of encouraging other Persons with Dementia to explore a life well lived with disease.


Susan Suchan is 59, and the mother of two grown daughters and five beautiful grandchildren. She was a nurse for 23 years and was diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimer's Disease (EOAD) at the age of 48; an additional diagnosis of Frontotemporal dementia (FTD)/Primary Progressive Aphasia (PPA) came almost 4 years ago. Susan advocates for and about the "lived experience", working to change perceptions, stigma and help bring to life, and the realness of her disease process. She has had the opportunity to speak Nationally and locally. Currently Susan is awaiting the release of a documentary she participated in, showing the effects on friends and family relationships, finances and end of life discussions. The film is called, "Susan's Story" is due for release in 2017.

mary 2 travel


Mary Howard was 50 when she lost her job as a Nurse because of Alzheimer's. After getting over the depression she become a big Advocate for Alzheimer’s. She has been part of the Alzheimer’s National Early Stage Advisory Team, the Ambassador to Congressman Smucker the U.S. House of Representatives for Pennsylvania's 16th congressional district and a Mentor for the newly diagnosed people with dementia. Mary also started the first Memory Cafe in Lancaster County in PA for the people in the early stages of dementia. She still enjoys traveling and recently went to Europe. Mary tells people who are just diagnosed with dementia to enjoy life now while you can, keep active, volunteer in something you enjoy and don't give up. Just because you are diagnosed with Alzheimer's doesn't mean your life is over. You still have a lot to do and offer to the Community.

craig hanke 123016

Craig Hanke was a correctional sergeant working in Milwaukee for the Wisconsin Department of Corrections since 2003.    I was a decorated sergeant with many awards from the department of corrections as well as the Milwaukee Police Department. I had a record of being a superior sergeant. This however quickly changed.

In early 2011, my wife started noticing changes in me. But more importantly, so did my coworkers in 2013. I went from being a responsible, decorated sergeant, to a sergeant that was struggling. I was forgetting to do important things like locking up the kitchen knives before the inmates came in to eat. These types of actions put me, my fellow staff, and the inmates at risk. After doing this several times and forgetting other duties or doing them twice or three times I started receiving reprimands. This wasn’t “me”. How did I go from being a by the book sergeant to getting suspensions? My Captain encouraged me to see a doctor. I went to my MD and he referred me to a psycho neurologist. After many tests, I was then referred to a neurologist. After testing with the neurologist, I finally went in for a diagnosis. The neurologist told me that I had early onset Lewy Body Dementia with Parkinsonism’s symptoms. I was only 55 years old. Later, two other doctors confirmed the diagnosis. I was forced to retire in July of 2013. I am now 57.

I am also part of Dementia Mentor’s support group. This group provides you with a mentor that helps you with some of the initial problems

Robert Bowles Pharma Pic

Roberts Bowles, sold his pharmacy in December 2010, Robert lost his purpose in life. Eighteen months later, he was diagnosed with Lewy body dementia. One year after his diagnosis, I found my purpose in life again....that of dementia awareness and transparently journalizing and sharing my experience, strength and hope seeking to help both persons with dementia and their care partners.

Robert’s mother and father both had dementia,press their feelings and see the beauty in life and to give care providers a little glimpse of the challenges and frustrations of living inside dementia. She truly writes from the heart.


Dean dotson from a session

Dena Dotson, was diagnosed with Lewy Body with probable Alzheimer's at age 47 2011. She is working hard to decrease the stigma attached with dementia. Dena took her own life April 1st, 2015.  A decision she made and shared with family,  friends and our community through discussions over the years and she decide as dementia robbed her of her abilities she would not want to continue on.


Past Sessions 

Sept 13th, 2016, We discussed the Alzheimer's walk and what it'slike for those with dementia who attend, the overall purpose, support and funding tied to the walk. 

091316 DC Alz Walk structure funding support  snap


August 23rd, 2016, we discussed technology and apps. Do they help or hinder those living with dementia.


082316 DC snap tru brian harry michael laurie susan lori


July 26th, 2016, we discussed how the decision making process changes as dementia progresses.   In addition, we talked about driving and when and how does one decide to stop driving.


072616 DC decisions making and driving snapJuly 12th, 2016 - today we discussed the words we pick have power and how the advocacy wand passes as the disease progresses.


071216 DC Paulan Michael Brian Eilon Lori words Advocacy2


June 28th, 2016 - Today we discussed the importance and impact of routines, travel tips and more.


062816 DC the importance and impact of routines


June 14th, 2016 -  We discussed advocating and raising awareness through film.  Hear the sacrifices and benefits from those devoting their time.


061416 DC Advocating and Raising Awareness Through Film


A Fascinating Conversation!

Advocating and Raising Awareness Through Film

- See more at:  https://www.alzheimersspeaks.com/#sthash.qvsCCbEU.dpuf


A Fascinating Conversation!

Advocating and Raising Awareness Through Film

- See more at:  https://www.alzheimersspeaks.com/#sthash.qvsCCbEU.dpuf


May 24th, 2016 - We discussed Dementia and Anger.  It was a very interesting conversation and I encourage you to watch this.


052416 DC snap Tru Paulan Michael Harry Brian Lori


May 10th, 2016, Today we discussed Mother's and Father's Day and what it is like to be a parent with dementia.


051016 DC snap brain Tru MAry Michael Harry Laurie Eilon Lori


 April 26th, 2016.  Today we discussed caring roles and how each side sacrifices and the perception of the word.


042616 DC Caring role sacrificesApril 12,2016.  Today we discussed how people handle recognizing dementia symptoms in a loved one.


041216 DC Brian Paulan Michael Kate Eilon Mary Laurie


March 22, 2016. Today we discussed how people with dementia arrange and organize their schedules and how the stay on top of them.


DC 032216 Brian Lori Paulan harry Michael TrughtfulMarch 8th. 2016 - We talked about the confusion people are having between a Dementia Friendly Community and a Dementia Village.  Links to various examples are listed in the YouTube description too.


030816 DC dementia friendly communities vs village


Feb 23rd, 2016, We talked about feelings and the fear of lack funding and what that means for the future.

022316 DC funding feelings and the future

Jan 26th, 2016 - We discussed how to improve dementia care and ended up focusing on funding for families.

 012616 DC snap

Jan 12th, 2016 - Today we discussed why people challenge those with dementia on their diagnosis.  Our Experts living with dementia discussed how it makes them feel, why they think people do this and recommendations for those that want to challenge someone else on their medical condition.

   011216 DC snap

Dec 22nd, 2016 - We discussed the loss of dementia advocate and patient Barry Pankhurst, advocacy in general and the emotional connections and disconnections when dealing with dementia. (Note this video shows over 3 hours, but actually the session was around 40 minutes.  We are not sure how it duplicated itself over and over)

122215 DC snap harry lori truthful micheal paulan

How to live safely with demantia: wandering, vacations, shopping, household safety. - See more at:  http://alzheimersspeaks.com/#sthash.oAibYTmK.dpuf
























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