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Shifting Your Dementia Care Culture™

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Shifting care culture and meeting regulatory requirements does not have to break your budget, and it can be fun, engaging, and inspiring. This webinar series offers an economical way to meet the training mandates and shift your dementia care culture to be person-centered. The series also will cover the mandates of abuse prevention and effectively managing the challenging behaviors exhibited by some individuals who have dementia. By packaging 14 training modules into a series, Lori has significantly reduced the module price, making it budget- friendly for your organization. In addition, Shifting Your Dementia Care Culture will build a new sense of respect and understanding for how participants give and receive care, not only at work, but throughout their lives. 

This training series will address quality of life issues to improve your care delivery systems while focusing on a person-centered model. Although the new mandate from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) specifically says the training is for nursing assistants, CMS also has noted their intent is to have facilities expand the scope to include other direct and non-direct care staff in the trainings on abuse prevention and care of people with dementia. 

Your organization can get a head start on this mandate, as Shifting Your Dementia Care Culture was designed not just for your nursing assistants, but for your entire community -- your employees, resident family members, and the public at large. You see, Lori La Bey understands that it is impossible to shift a societal culture without educating society at large. She knows "buy in" is needed on all levels if we truly are going to shift mindsets. This means speaking the same language to all involved: people with dementia, staff, family and friends, and the public. 

This series can easily be used as a marketing tool as we provide your organization with a PR Campaign to boot! You can educate your families and business professionals on the importance of shifting society's dementia care model to be one that provides person-centered care in a collaborative fashion. 

The Shifting Your Dementia Care Culture webinar series is designed around the concept Lori calls Emotional-Based Training™. Each session was purposely developed to be short, fun, and inspirational, as well as to provide learning lessons, simple tools, tips, and techniques to shift your dementia care culture. Lori's goal is to shift not only the minds of participants, but their hearts and souls as well.  By doing so, people are able to shift their "Personal Delivery Style of Care" to reflect a heart model, the foundation of which is person-centered. 

Shifting culture requires all parties to be educated at a similar pace using similar language. Yes, you can do it piece-meal, position by position, then family and friends, and finally wrapping up with the public at large. But that method simply is not efficient nor effective, and certainly it is not an economically responsible way to drive change. Shifting a culture works much better and faster when we all work together for a common goal. 

Based on this, Lori has developed 14 one-hour modules. Two modules will be completed each month to give your organization the heart and mind set to transform your dementia care culture in less than a year! 

Each module will be presented via the specified platform (webinar or radio) to employees as well as to your clients' families/friend base and/or public at large on the designated day. Both sessions will have the same message, although tweaked for each audience. That's a total of 28 live presentations! 

Each presentation will be recorded and all recordings can be accessible for future use if desired. This allows your organization to continue training staff, families, and the public on person-centered care focused for those with dementia.  

Please Note:  

  • Organizations are not allowed to share the links to these recordings to individuals or agencies  outside of the contract agreement.  All copyrights are maintained Lori La Bey and Alzheimer's Speaks.
  • Pricing on Webinars, Tele-seminars Coaching and Consulting will be assessed on a per project basis and are not part of the fee schedule in this sections. 

People often comment on Lori's use of humor and the calm element she brings to uncomfortable situations. Her audiences walk away with new perspectives, allowing them to make a shift in their life or business.  If you are looking for a Professional Speaker, Trainer, Consultant or Coach who delivers a ton of content, meets her deadlines, is easy to work with and skilled at delivering a fun impactful program which will lift the spirits of your group…well don't wait Contact Lori Now!

Visit our Event Planner Section for details on Contract Requirements (which includes A/V needs, Room Layout options, Bio, Travel and Compensation requirements, Photos and more) Information on Emotional Based Training™, Credentials, and a Sampling of Programs can be found there too.  Click here for information regarding Testimonials and Past Client List.


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  #1 Understanding Your Impact


#2 Introduction To Dementia Care


#3 Holidays & Celebrations


#4 Creating A New Dementia Care Culture


#5 Empowerment At It's Finest


# 6 Pateint Centered-CareFrom Their Perspective


#7 Families Speak Honestly


#8 Supportive Care Models


#9 Preventing Abuse


#10 Living With Frontotemporal Dementia


#11 Understanding Hospice& Palliative Care


#12 Innovative Ways


#13 Three Wishes Program


#14 Wrap Up Session

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