Lori La Bey, Founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks

Driving Culture Change in Dementia Care

Lori La Bey is a passionate advocate who searches for ways to shift our dementia care culture from crisis to comfort. She was recognized by Sharecare and Dr. Oz. as the #1 Influencer Online for Alzheimer's.  As a professional speaker  and daughter of a mother with dementia for over thirty years, Lori gets it! Change is needed on multiple levels.

As host of Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio and the webinar series Dementia Chats Lori connects people to best practices and facilitates conversations regarding needs for dementia care worldwide. She addresses large and small groups as a recognized calming force with insights. She does this in a fun, enlightening way.  Audience members say, “Lori has changed my perspective and empowered me to care better.”

Alzheimer's Speaks shifts our dementia care from crisis to comfort. “We must improve our delivery systems. We must give voice to all. We must work together to win the battle against dementia!” says La Bey.

Alzheimer’s Speaks believes it is time to become dementia friendly. We believe hope not fear, is our common bond. The statistics on dementia are staggering. Businesses, communities and individuals need to become dementia friendly because there is no cure and understanding of the disease is limited. Our Dementia Friendly Campaign is designed to shift perceptions, create acceptance and provide the resources individuals, businesses and communities need.  Contact Lori to learn more on how you as an individual, organization or community can make a difference.

Help Share the Care, by participating in our Collaborative International Resource Directory for Dementia, which allows individuals and companies to share resource information for dementia and caregiving. Together we can bring a positive voice filled with compassion to those in need.  

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The Inspriation Behind Alzheimer's Speaks

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 Dorothy Moeschter, Lori La Bey's Mother

Dorothy was known as a global dementia advocate, through the voice of her daughter.  Her 30 year journey with dementia ended peacefully, on February 28th, 2014 at 7:45pm. Dorothy and her disease taught Lori many life lessons about living with dementia, finding joy and living with prupose. Their family struggles of how to deal with the demetia lead Lori to launch Alzheimer's Speaks in 2009.  Lori has shared her own personal stories over the years.  These stories of lessons learned have been shared world wide to help others cope with the disease and find the beauty hidden in life.

 Lori has vowed to carry on advocting to shift our dementia care culture through her voice with Alzheimer's Speaks.  It is her goal to raise awareness by having open and honest converstions; as well as sharing critical hidden resources to help society learn to live with the disease, not as it.  Some day Lori would like to look at the world and say with a smile, "How sweet it is that we have become a compassionate world, one that is dementia friendly."

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 Below is Lori La Bey, her Mother Dorothy, Daughter Danielle and Tom, Danielle's Father at a picnic at Maplewood Care Center.

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Over the years, Lori's Mother’s disease progressed, and so she created the Alzheimer’s Speaks out of her personal frustration to find alzheimer's resources while coping with her Mother's Dementia. During her journey with her parents she began to journal and started Speaking, Training, and Consulting and Coaching on Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia and caregiving. Her third career was now in full swing.  Lori developed and now utilizes what she calls Emotional Based Training  to shift hearts and and mind sets of her clients and audiences. 

Watch the sample speaker video in the bottom left corner of this page, called "Driving Change In Caregiving" which will give you an idea of what Lori can offer your organization.

Friends, family, and co-workers encouraged Lori to write a Book on her unique and positive perspective on dementia and caregiving.  In 2009, Lori started the Alzheimer’s Speaks Blog to test her storytelling skills.  There she received confirmation she definitely needs to write a book about her very personal journey regarding caregiving and  dementia.  Lori has purposely not finished the book as she felt the stories and lessons her parents taught her and the journey with her Mother were not complete.  La Bey is however working on releasing Betty The Bald Chicken Story about how we care for one another. In addition, she has started writing her personal journey preparing for the final lesson her mother will teach her. She also has been Published in four other books and was just asked to be a contributing author in a fifth book with the University of MInnesota.

The Alzheimer’s Speaks YouTube Channel was requested by family, friends, clients and co-workers.  The channel was launched in February of 2010.  Lori has been amazed at the number of conferences she has attended where she has personally seen her videos being used by others to teach coping skills to shift demenita care culture.  "It always makes me step back, smile and be grateful each time I see a video of my Mother or myself on the screen.  It's just nice to know others are finding our work useful." says La Bey.

In 2011, Lori launched Alzheimer's Speaks Radio, which she believes is the first radio show in the world dedicated to dementia.  The response has been amazing around the globe, connecting people through social media and focusing the commonalities of our struggles and joy with dementia verse our differences.

Lori also brought the first Memory Café to the US from the UK, in 2011. The Memory Cafe is a social support group for people with early memory loss and their care partners.  Arthur's Memory Cafeis located in Roseville, MN. 

In 2012, Lori launched a very unique webinar series called "Shifting Your Dementia Care Culture™" which brings all levels of employees together to learn new techniques and develope new skill sets regarding dementia care culture.  It is here in these sessions, Lori exposes not only staff but families and the general public to her Emotional Based Training™ techniques, shifting hearts and minds to deliver person centered care for those with dementia.

Also in 2012, Lori launched "Dementia Chats™Media CoverageWhile We Still Can" a firsts of it's kind webinar series which is FREE to the public.  Here Lori interviews experts living with dementia.  Lori feels strongly we have lost traction by not tapping into the knowledge of those living with dementia and so she is committed to correct that error.  Through this series, people are amazed at the knowledge they gain from people who have early onset dementia. For people diagnosed with dementia they find a resolve and support for what they are dealing with. The information transforms caregivers and care partners to shift their dementia care culture and change the way they deliver care.  People comment of the calmness the feel once they understand they whys and hows of the disease.  The most common comments from attendees are "If I only knew earlier I would have been a much better caregiver," or "This changes everything for me. I get it now."

In 2013, Lori was inducted as a Global Ambassador for the Purple Angel Project, which is the new global symbol for dementia.  YOu can learn more about this project and how you can get involved to help spread awareness by going to our page on the Purple Angel Project.

Over the years Lori has received a multitude of Media Coverage for her expertise and innovative initiatives.Today, Lori has revised Alzheimer’s Speaks to be a true Virtual Resource Center to share her vision to Shift Our Dementia Care Culture on a global level and to raise the voice of all stake holders. 

Lori believes the internet is a gift that allows us to communicate and have access to the information we long for.  The opportunities are endless when you open the door to possibilities.  We hope you will join us, in disseminating information and allowing others to have access to the information they so desparately need and desire in a simple and easily fashion. 

Please explore our Partnership Opportunities. Alzheimer’s Speaks wants to provide you the exposure you need and deserve, at a reasonable price while enhancing the life of those dealing and living with dementia.  

Keep in mind, Alzheimer’s Speaks Virtual Resource Center will constantly be changing and improving to provide new information and resources to meet the caring needs of people worldwide.  If you have ideas please let us know.

Please visit us often, and don’t forget to tell your friends about as! 

Oh and don’t miss this great opportunity to join us with the launch of The Pride Principle™ a social media presence designed to show viral support for our elderly which is FREE platform!

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Lori started her formal career working with the developmentally disabled.  For nine years she thrived on organizing and streamlining systems to improve the quality of life for her residents.

Lori’s second career was a tweny-five year journey in residential real estate. There she identified the senior market long before others accepted the demographic facts.  Lori developed The Classic Lifestyles™ Program  a one stop educational and support services for seniors, their families, and the professional working with them. The program focused on removing the fear wrapped in later life transitions. It was here Lori began her speaking and training career. 

The affiliates of the Classic Lifestyles Program understand the many selling and moving dilemmas faced as we age. They realize for the average person not in a crisis, the decision process can take one to five years.  For those in crisis, the situation gets complicated and overwhelming quickly. The ability to know and understand the choices available to is limited without professional support of those in the industry who specialize in later life transitions. Let our affiliates help you make an educated decision, protect your interests, reduce your stress; and get you through this changing, challenging and exciting time in your life. Contact Us and we will refer you to a team member, who understands your needs and has the resources to help you.  

Become a  Member of Alzheimer’s Speaks to get access to our FREE Transitional Tools to help you make your move later in life.

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Lori La Bey uses Emotional Based Training™ to shift the hearts and the souls of your employees, clients and volunteers; to align them with your mission; allowing you to meet your goals!  Here we can help you via Coaching, Consulting or Presentations.

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 Please visit us often, and don’t forget to tell your friends about as! 

To keep an eye on Lori La Bey’s creative and collaborative ventures by becoming a member here. 


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