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Collaboration The Key To Shift Dementia Care

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"At Autumn Leaves, we witness daily the power of music to create moments of joy for our residents," says Kristin Dupont, VP of Marketing for The LaSalle Group, Inc., parent company of Autumn Leaves. “By partnering with His Neighbor Phil and Lori La Bey, we hope to help people understand the complexity of Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, while also demonstrating that music is just one way to re-engage your loved one and help them reconnect to the world."

Kristin Dupont, VP of Marketing for The LaSalle Group, Inc., parent company of Autumn Leaves.

Family-owned and -operated Autumn Leaves™ memory care assisted living communities are dedicated exclusively to serving those living with Alzheimer’s and dementia. Autumn Leaves’ high-quality care and research-based programs, including its unique So Much More™ programming, allow for safe, secure and active environments for residents. So Much More helps residents live life to the fullest through five “pillars,” including music (So Much More to Experience); culinary (“Savor”); physical activity, (“Do”); art (“Express”); and community support and volunteerism (“Share”). Autumn Leaves currently operates more than 40 communities in seven states with the ability to serve over 1,800 residents. 

Email:  Info@autumnleaves.com

Phone #:  888-919-4910

Website:  www.AutumnLeaves.com

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/AutumnLeavesMemoryCare

Twitter:  www.twitter.com/AutumnLeaves

Youtube:    www.youtube.com/user/AutmnLeavesCare

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We are filling a need for those who can't afford expensive GPS systems or using something not effective like a necklace or bracelet to aid in recovery. " Working with Alzheimer's Speaks will help us reach a larger base in the marketplace that can take advantage of our services and help reduce immenseful stress for the families and caregivers during an emergency, while give them peace of mind knowing they can count on us when the time comes".  

Mark Arnold, CEO, CAC LLC

Listen to the interview and learn more about Caregiver Alert Center

Caregiver Alert Center service provides a necessary need for those dealing with Alzheimer's that are at risk of wandering. As part of CAC LLC's suite of services, we have successfully assisted in the immediate recovery of thousands of missing children, pets and adults since 2005. Our patented technology allows us to create and distribute a missing person's poster to the mobile via a text link and being able to do this quickly and in mass volume are keys to our success. With 60% of Alzheimer's patients known to wander, 90% of them cannot find their way back home on their own. More importantly, if not found in 24 hours, there is a 50% chance they will be injured or killed. We believe our Caregiver Alert Center will be invaluable those families fearing this. Our service is very affordable and more effective than anything else in the marketplace.

    Website:  www.caregiveralertcenter.com

    Email:  marnold@callcac.com

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Lori is passionate about her show, Alzheimer's Speaks, and its content. She is a professional who is relentless when it comes to details. She is driven and it is evident in the quality of her show, which is highly beneficial to us all. We are all or will all be affected by dementia at some point and there is no one better to seek out for information and valuable resources than Lori and all that she provides on Alzheimer's Speaks. It is a pleasure to have her on our network!

Scott O'Malley, Managing Partner of the Alive and Social Network.

 The Alive & Social Network hosts professional audio and video podcasts from a variety of personalities including local media celebrities, musicians, athletes, comedians, politicians, realtors, gardeners and other professionals who have a passion for producing on-demand content on topics they're knowledgeable and interested in. Subscribe on iTunes or visit us at aliveandsocial.com to tune in to this talented group of podcasters and our diverse footprint of content.

Website: http://www.aliveandsocial.com/ 

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“Dementia care is the most significant public health challenge of the 21st century, however, it’s only a footnote in 2015 White House Conference on Aging agenda. As this conference is only held once a decade, to not have a prominent focus on dementia care is a serious oversight.  To be successful making our nation a place that truly supports and cares about people who have dementia will require a united and amplified voice.  This is the mission of the Dementia Action Alliance. Collaborating with Alzheimer’s Speak is very beneficial because of the amazing job Lori has done to coalesce and connect people living with dementia and their care partners. They are the important voices that need to be heard.”

Karen Love, DAA Co-Leader

The Dementia Action Alliance is a volunteer coalition of individuals and organizations committed to helping people live fully with dementia and supporting those who care about them. We are engaged in changing our nation’s understanding of and attitudes about dementia through serving as a trusted source for education, advocacy, and conversations.

Website:  www.daanow.org

Email:  jpinkowitz@gmail.com


Music To Engage Those With Dementia

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"Alzheimer's Music Connect and Alzheimer's Speaks are both on the forefront of Dementia Care in that we offer care for the Caregivers as well as the person suffering from Alzheimer's. Combatting Caregiver fatigue or burnout is a key factor in making sure the Care Recipient is getting the best possible care. Alzheimer's Music Connect's extensive studies have shown that the Care Recipient experiences a calm, alert state while the music is being played and that condition remains for up to three hours; thus making it possible for the Caregiver to have a break, meditate, or take care of personal needs. Repeating this system daily provides a pleasant connection to the past for the Care Recipient, while providing valuable respite for the Caregiver. It's as simple as turning on a CD player."

Ronald A. Gregory, President and Founder, Alzheimer's Music Connect

Alzheimer's Music Connect offers technologically enhanced familiar music which unlocks the musical memories of a Dementia/Alzheimer's Care Recipient. We have developed a patent-pending, non-pharmaceutical product, which is capable of relaxing Care Recipients while providing valuable respite for their Caregivers. 

Website: http://alzheimersmusicconnect.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/alzheimersmusicconnect

Contact: info@alzheimersmusicconnect.com

Phone: 855-543-3687

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"Alzheimer’s Speaks makes every effort to provide a vast number of resources to families and individuals affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia. There are many stages that families, caregivers and individuals go through during this journey and each require varying degrees of support. HealthStar has seen a large unmet need while families try to manage challenging behaviors at home in the early and mid-stages. The high prevalence of caregiver burnout suggests there are not enough known resources to help aid in prevention of burnout by helping families and caregivers learn how to redirect the behaviors. Similar to Alzheimer’s Speaks, HealthStar makes every effort to provide free public education about available resources and raise awareness on the financial assistance available through Medicare and other insurance companies which can provide nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy assistance in the home. Our company goals are similarly aligned to provide access and assistance to areas of need where there currently is none."

Tim Lively, Founder and President of HealthStar Home Health

HealthStar Home Health understands how overwhelming and difficult it can be to care for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or other Dementias. Confusion, exhaustion and frustration are common when trying to manage challenging behaviors associated with these illnesses.  HealthStar Home Health is proud to provide a comprehensive and effective Alzheimer’s and Dementia Home Care program. “Becoming an Alzheimer’s Whisperer” is a unique and effective approach to help support those affected by Dementia who live in a home or Assisted Living setting. The Alzheimer’s Whisperer program is based on the understanding of how the disease affects the brain allowing caregivers to modify interventions so they are appropriate for the person’s cognitive ability. Services are provided by a multidisciplinary team consisting of Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Medical Social Workers, Speech Pathologists and Home Health Aides, who work together to improve the quality of life for the caregiver and their loved one.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Services:

  • Individualized assessment, evaluating cognitive and functional levels
  • Treatment planning
  • Care for patients in a compassionate, empathetic and gentle manner
  • Teach families and caregivers strategies for managing the care needs of their loved one
  • Effectively respond to challenging behaviors such as aggression, agitation, and repetition
  • Address physical health needs
  • Medication management and education
  • Reduce utilization of psychotropic medication
  • Strength development and fall risk reduction
  • Promote independence in dressing, bathing and toileting
  • Assistance with memory, communication and swallowing difficulties

 Company Home page -     http://www.healthstarhomehealth.net/

 Alzheimer’s & Dementia Services -  http://www.healthstarhomehealth.net/our-services/home-health-care-services/alzheimers-and-dementia-care/

 Memory Café Events -    http://www.healthstarhomehealth.net/events/

 Memory Screenings - http://www.kare11.com/story/news/health/healthfair-11-at-the-fair/2014/08/25/free-memory-screenings-health-fair-eleven/14585097/

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“The Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation (ARPF) is honored to collaborate with Alzheimer’s Speaks to improve our Dementia Care Culture and empower all caregivers and people at risk of developing dementia to lead a healthier lifestyle, which can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease. If you are like millions of Americans and others around the world, your top health priority is "staying mentally sharp as I age." ARPF has been working on prevention for 21 years through education and research on lifestyle-based interventions. It’s going to take all of us working together to defeat this multi-faceted disease and we are delighted to join forces with other organizations that have a similar mission.”

Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D. - President and Medical Director,

Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation

Now in its 21st year, the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides an alternative to the conventional, "magic bullet" drug approach. We believe that you can help yourself, right now, by utilizing a holistic or integrative medical approach, based on the lifestyle tools we advocate. Modern medical research reveals that all of the aspects of the ARPF's Four Pillars of Prevention Plan, especially when used together, help build a healthier and stronger brain and memory.

Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation

P.O. Box 30783,  Tucson, AZ 85751-0783

Phone:  888-908-5766             Fax:  480-289-5763

Website:  http://www.AlzheimersPrevention.Org

Email:  Info@AlzheimersPrevention.Org

Twitter:  http://www.Twitter.com/PreventAD

FaceBook:  http://www.Facebook.com/PreventAD

YouTube:  http://www.Youtube.com/PreventAlzheimers


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"In most parts of the world, people do not have an understanding of Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Without understanding and awareness, these diseases are not detected and people are not getting the right care, if any. One of the main objectives of Alzheimer's Disease International is raising awareness and by working with Alzheimer's Speaks we feel we can do this in a very effective way through the use of the internet that has no boundaries and can reach people all over the world." 

Marc Wortmann,

Executive Director of Alzheimer's Disease International

Alzheimer's Disease International is the international federation of 85 Alzheimer associations around the world, in official relations with the World Health Organization since 1996 and with the United Nations since 2012. Each member is the Alzheimer association in their country who support people with dementia and their families. ADI's vision is an improved quality of life for people with dementia and their families throughout the world. Its main objectives are raising awareness, support and strengthen its member associations and making dementia a global health priority.

Alzheimer's Disease International  

64 Great Suffolk Street, London SE1 0BL UK

Tel:  +44 20 79810880 Fax: +44 20 79282357

Email: info@alz.co.uk                 

Website:  www.Alz.Co.Uk                                                                

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“The Lewy Body Dementia Association is excited to partner with Alzheimer’s Speaks to give a voice to those with the second most common form of progressive dementia, Lewy body dementia. LBDA has a shared goal with Alzheimer’s Speaks to provide support to the dementia community, and we look forward to collaboration to increase LBD awareness and resources.”

Elizabeth Patrick, Marketing and Communications Manager
Lewy Body Dementia Association

The Lewy Body Dementia Association (LBDA) is a 501 (c ) (3) nonprofit organization whose vision is a cure for Lewy body dementias and quality support for those still living with the disease. LBDA’s mission is to support those affected by Lewy body dementias through outreach, education and research. 

The Lewy Body Dementia Association was formed by a group of caregivers who met in an online LBD caregiver support group. Discussions about the need of support for LBD caregivers and the lack of public awareness about LBD led to the organization’s incorporation. The directors of the LBDA Board of Directors are located throughout the United States, and LBDA volunteers are from the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. The association consists of a dedicated group of people from all walks of like who understand the struggles of other caregivers due to their personal LBD experiences.

Lewy Body Dementia Association
912 Killian Hill Road, SW
Lilburn, GA 30047

Tel 404-935-6444
Fax 480-422-5434
Email lbda@lbda.org
Website www.lbda.org

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"Puzzle with Me is honored to collaborate with Alzheimer's Speaks. Together we want to bring awareness of market and industry tools available for care givers, families, loved ones and friends to cope and connect with Alzheimer's and other dementias. Presenting solutions that provide joy and positive energy.

Sharing an experience as a caregiver, Puzzle with Me, along with Alzheimer's Speaks supports new ideas and possibilities to enrich every day with quality time with those we care for and for the care giver."

Jane D. Snyder,

Founder of Puzzle with Me

Puzzle with Me is dedicate to finding and providing solutions to care givers, families, loved ones, and friends and those they care for living with Alzheimer's or dementia with respect, maturity and dignity. Puzzle with Me is a tool that can help create quality time together, verbal and non- verbal.

It is a puzzle, comprised of 12 pieces which are easy to handle, 3mm thick, and washable. Each image was created to enable multiple conversational themes, with various levels of difficulties.They are not gender specific. Puzzle with Me is engaging, and encourages, solving it together!

Puzzle with Me's, solution is the only one, endorsed by Alzheimer's Disease International. And contributions are made to ADI with every purchase.

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Jane D. Snyder                             Email:  jane@puzzlewithme.com

3947 N. Village Round Drive        Website:  www.puzzlewithme.com

Park City, Utah. 84098                  Phone:  435-602-9290

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/PuzzlewithMe

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The Purple Angel Project -

The Global Symbol for Dementia

The world has many logo`s depicting Alzheimer`s, Lewy Body Disease and so on, but the world has never before had a World Dementia Aware " logo. This Logo, the Purple Angel encapsulates and embraces EVERY type of Dementia there is in existence and so making sure nobody is left out or isolated. This in itself is a huge step forward. By partnering with Alzheimer's Speaks and other organizations and advocates, we can spread the word of this new global symbol changing dementia care"

Norman Mc Namara,

Living with Dementia – Founder of Multiple initiatives including the Purple Angel Project.

The Purple Angel is here not only as a Guardian over those living with dementia (as well as their families and friends), but also as a helper to all those working so hard to raise awareness of dementia around the world.

Purple Angel Global was created to help this cause and spread the word as widely as possible. We are not a registered charity. We simply try to support those that are. We are a small, not-for-profit group of friends just trying to do our bit.

Purple Angel Global Email 

US Purple Angel Website  

US Email for Purple Angel Kit



We love the collaborative spirit of Alzheimer's Speaks and are proud be part of this global shift to improve our demetia care culture.  Together we can remove the fear and increase the outcome of s.p.h.™ - smiles per hour!" 

James Creasey

Founder of JiminyWicket.Org

JiminyWicket uses croquet to bring people living with Alzheimer’s back into the game of life.  Playing croquet improves the lives of seniors and their caregivers mentally, physically and socially. Our program “Through Hoops to Hope” teams up high school and college students with senior communities to reduce the stigma of dementia and raise awareness about the growing epidemic. Our mission is to raise $400,000 to create Through Hoops to Hopes programs in 100 schools in ten cities across America in 2013-2014. If we exceed our goal, will expand into even more schools!

Isolated by Alzheimer’s…Connected by Croquet – JiminyWicket is here to help improve lives around the globe.


Website:   http://jiminywicket.org/ 

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/JiminyWicket

Email:    Info@JiminyWicket.com

Linkedin:    http://www.linkedin.com/company/jiminy-wicket?trk=top_nav_home

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"AFTD is proud to collaborate with Alzheimer’s Speaks and its other sponsors to raise awareness of dementia. As a rarer form of dementia, frontotemporal degeneration (FTD) is little known and even less understood. By joining forces, we can all benefit from sharing information and knowledge about the various forms of dementia as researchers continually discover more and more about the brain and the diseases affecting it."

Susan L-J Dickinson,

AFTD Executive Director


The Association for Frontotemporal Degeneration (AFTD) is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2002 to advocate for more funding into the causes and treatments of frontotemporal degeneration, as well as provide caregivers and patients with a dependable source of accurate, reliable information and support.  In the 10 years since its inception, AFTD has awarded more than $1.3 million in research grants, hosted several scientific meetings, helped to create a US national repository for data on FTD patients, answered more than 10,000 calls to our Helpline, and created new resources for the patients, families and professionals who live and work with FTD.

Website: www.theaftd.org

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/TheAFTD


Twitter: @theAFTDorg                          Email:  info@theaftd.org          

HelpLine: 866-507-7222

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“ The National Aphasia Association is proud to collaborate with Alzheimer’s Speaks.  We believe that  there is power in combining our efforts to raise awareness of aphasia and dementia.   Our work to provide information and resources to persons with aphasia and their families closely aligns with Alzheimer Speaks; Together we can make a difference!”


Ellayne S. Ganzfried, M.S., CCC-SLP

Executive Director, National Aphasia Association 


Founded in 1987, NAA is a consumer-focused, nonprofit organization that promotes public education, research, rehabilitation and support services to assist people with aphasia and their families. Our mission is  to promote universal awareness and understanding of aphasia and provide support to all persons with aphasia, their families and caregivers. Resources include:

- NAA National Registry of Aphasia Support Groups and Affiliates throughout the U.S.

- The Aphasia Handbook: A Guide for Stroke and Brain Injury Survivors and Their Families

- Free Information Packet

- Aphasia Awareness Training Program for Emergency Responders

- Aphasia Friendly Business Program

- National Aphasia Awareness Month in June

- Annual Regional Conferences

- Multicultural Task Force


Website: www.aphasia.org                      Email:  naa@aphasia.org

Facebook:   https://www.facebook.com/NatlAphasiaAssoc

Twitter:  @NatAphasiaAssoc                    

HelpLine: 800-922-4622


If you are interested in being a Sponsor for the

Dementia FriendlyCampaign Contact Alzheimer's Speaks 







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