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The Alzheimer’s Speaks Resource Directory for Dementia was built to provide a safe place for people to gain knowledge and share insights in a timely fashion on a global basis. None of us has all the answers but if we work together, we can gather an amazing library of resources that will forever grow and change to shift our dementia care culture for the better. I hope you decide to join us in this movement to improve our care delivery systems by providing easily access to your business and services you offer, as well as tools, products, and others services you find valuable related to dementia and caregiving.


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  • There are many additional ways to promote your company for FREE.
  • Tell others about Books, Articles, Videos, Blogs, Newsletters, Publications, Events, Podcasts, Radio Shows, Memory Café`s and even Personal Writings that you find helpful and valuable when dealing with dementia and caregiving.
  • Allow others to find your information quickly and easily.
  • Use the site as a resource for your educational programs, staff and family.
  • Help shift our dementia care culture in your community and globally.
  • Look like an expert by sharing this new resource with others.
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For information on joining the Dementia Friendly Campaign which includes Awareness, Education and a Smart Branding Plan schedule a time to talk.Click Here

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