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Conscious Caring Support™ Programs

A Safe Space to Express and Process Caring Journeys

Acknowledging Suppressed Thoughts to Move Forward with Grace

The Conscious Caring Support™ programs were developed to create a safe space to express and process the caring journey for both families and professionals. Our goal is to provide a comfortable environment where people can share and process their true thoughts in a nonjudgmental setting.

By exploring things most people don’t dare talk about, we can identify what is dragging us down, ripping at our soul, and making us feel less than. This is critically important, especially when people are doing more, trying harder, and going above and beyond the norms.

Two Options

An Educational Program

One form of the Conscious Caring Support™ programs is an educational program which can be modified to run 60 to 90 minutes. This can work for both staff and families and can be a perfect partner to kick off a Conscious Caring discussion group for both family members and staff.

Small Discussion Groups

Another offering of our Conscious Caring Support™ programs can be in the form of small discussion groups. Here people can express, discuss, process, acknowledge, accept, and develop a plan to reduce or remove the triggers of negative emotions. In addition, we make sure to give space to celebrate their progress and identify the joys of the journey.

These discussion groups can be ideal for those living with a form of dementia in the early stages, their family members, as well as staff serving them. Each of these would be set up as separate groups, to maximize comfort in expressing their truths among peers.

Each group is established to find the peace, balance, and joy in the journey. We understand from experience how frustrating it can be when caring for another, or oneself when a terminal illness hits. Knowing we aren’t alone in our thoughts and feelings is a huge step to relieve stress and the sense of being the only one feeling guilty and exhausted by their thoughts; which many don't even realize is weighing them down.

By allowing people to express authentic emotions in a nonjudgmental environment, we can begin to tap into real solutions. These skillsets can become part of their everyday practices, transferable into all areas of their life giving them healthier outcomes.

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