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We are thrilled you came to visit us.  Our founder Lori La Bey created Alzheimer’s Speaks, LLC in 2009, due to her own experience as a daughter caring for her mother who lived with dementia for 30 years.  Like way too many family members, she was frustrated by the lack of resources and support given her family when her mother was diagnosed with dementia.

Lori has created a comfortable space where everyone around the world is welcome.  A place where people feel safe to share their stories, services, products, and tools to improve the lives of all living with or caring for someone with dementia.

La Bey was so serious about helping families and professionals dealing with all forms of dementia, and she put her money where her mouth was. Lori took her life savings along with her retirement funds to commit to developing improved and engaging support systems.

In doing this, she decided to approach things from a very different angle, leveraging an array of multi-media platforms to engage people.  Thus, she started the first radio show dedicated to dementia in the world called Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio which is inclusive of all dementias. Her video interviews called Dementia Chats amplify the voices of people diagnosed, and she also launched the first Dementia Friendly Community in the United States, just to name a few things.

Please note, Alzheimer’s Speaks LLC., is a for profit company and so your donation IS NOT ELIGIBLE FOR A CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION.

Many families request donations be made to Alzheimer’s Speaks, LLC  upon a loved one’s birthday or passing.  Some people chose to support our work on a regular basis, while others give a one time donation.  Legacy giving is also an option for individuals as well. All donations are much appreciated and help us continue our work, so we thank you in advance for your support.

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