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Helping People Live Graciously Alongside Dementia

"Music is a powerful tool and can bring comfort and joy to those living with dementia as well as those caring for them."
Lori La Bey

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Helping People Live Graciously Alongside Dementia

"My parents went on a cruise with our family. Mom had dementia and dad had brain cancer. We had a spectacular time."
Lori La Bey

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Helping People Live Graciously Alongside Dementia

Loretta Woodward Veney knows creating moments of joy with her mother living with dementia, will last a lifetime.

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Helping People Live Graciously Alongside Dementia

"A BIG thank you to Memory Care Communities providing wonderful opportunities to create & capture joyful moments which melts families hearts."
Lori La Bey

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Helping People Live Graciously Alongside Dementia

"Life doesn't stop because dementia knocks on your door. So gather with family and friends. Keep living! "
Lori La Bey

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Helping People Live Graciously Alongside Dementia

"Don’t underestimate the power of music and dance. Even if the steps and movement change, the rhythm is felt, spreading joy, and comfort."
Lori La Bey

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Helping People Live Graciously Alongside Dementia

Marta Spencer understood the importance of capturing moments with her mother. Here they were celebrating her Mom's 87th Birthday.

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Helping People Live Graciously Alongside Dementia

“Laughter truly is the best medicine. Don’t let dementia take that from you. Look for the silliness in life. "
Lori La Bey

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Quote By Larry

"Making as many moments memorable with and for mom, even though it will not be remembered by mom"
Larry Griner

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Find Out How We can Help You!

Alzheimer’s Speaks is a Minnesota based advocacy group and media outlet making an international impact. Our goal is to shift dementia care from crisis to comfort by giving voice to all and raising those voices to enrich lives by sharing critical information, personal stories, resources, products and tools from people and organizations at all levels around the world.

Below you will find four sections featuring: Free Educational Resources, Contract Services, and Marketing Opportunities and of course a bit more About Us and why we do what we do. Just click below on the "Learn More" button in the section of interest to you and let Alzheimer’s Speaks support you while you shift your dementia journey from crisis to comfort.

On this page you will find: Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio, Dementia Chats™ educational videos, Dementia and the Arts videos showcase artist living with dementia, Memory Cafés – virtual & in person gatherings Dementia Quick Tips™ short videos, Becoming Dementia Friendly - tips & examples, Purple Angel Awareness Project, and Dementia Map global resource directory, Blog, Tools, and Community Contributions - poetry & articles.

Upcoming & Recent Radio Shows

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Our innovated programs and services provide a wide variety of support to organizations. Each can be tailored to meet the organizations needs as well as staff, families, those living with dementia, medical professionals, the general public or a combination of these groups.

We have several sections for you to explore. They are events and engagements, products and tools, consulting and brainstorming, influencer opportunities, and sponsorship offerings.

Here you will find a wide variety of options which can be customized for all budgets. We provide traditional advertising opportunities, branding on our educational platforms, sponsorships opportunities, products and tools that can be licensed, and influencer packages.

Position your organization above your competition by collaborating with our founder Lori La Bey who has been globally recognized as a innovative thought leader in dementia care.

Learn about our founder, Lori La Bey and her personal journey with her own mother who lived with dementia for 30 years. Learn about the gifts she discovered on her dementia journey and why she is commitment to help others around the world shift from crisis to comfort. Explore Alzheimer’s Speaks mission & goals to improve the lives of those diagnosed and those serving them. Find out how you might collaborate and join her efforts too.

Recognitions and Awards

Lori La Bey is a change agent shifting dementia care around the world. Just ask Oprah, Maria Shriver, Sharecare, AARP MN, or The National Institute for Dementia Education who have recognized her cutting-edge approach to shift global dementia care. Lori's own mother lived with dementia for thirty years, so you can be comforted knowing she truly understands the needs of those diagnosed, their families, and professionals who care for them.

Oprah Winfrey

Lori La Bey named "Health Hero & Alzheimer's Empath" by O Magazine.

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Maria Shriver

Lori La Bey named "Architect of Change for Humanity" by Maria Shriver.

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Lori La Bey named "#1 Influencer Online for Alzheimer's Disease" by Sharecare.

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Lori La Bey named "50 Over 50" and "Disruptor & Inspiring Leader" by AARP MN and Pollen.

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