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Dementia And The Arts

Raising Awareness of Abilities Through the Beauty of the Arts

Empowering Individuals Where All Can Participate

Dementia and the Arts™ Educational Panel was formed to lift the voices of people living with dementia, while raising awareness of their abilities. We discuss the when's and why's of how they got involved with art, along with what they get out of creating it, and other people's reactions to it. Individuals share the techniques they use, how they adapt as the disease progresses, and how their emotions are expressed through their work.

Dementia and the Arts knows no boundaries and feels it's important to be inclusive of all people no matter what form of dementia they are living with. We work hard to accommodate time zone differences around the world so we don't exclude people due to their location.

We gather as a group on a quarterly basis, and for those who can't make a group session we try hard to coordinate a private segment which can be edited into the program. We love partnering with all organizations who support those living with dementia by encouraging and empowering them to get creative.

All levels of artwork and all forms of the art are welcome. Here is a brief list of types of art: painting, coloring, woodworking, photography, dance, song, music, poetry... and more.

Here Is The 2023 Schedule For Dementia and The Arts
Contact Us to Register & Mark Your Calendar To Join Us At:
11am ET, 10am CT, 9am MT, 8am PT

November 7th, 2023

Get inspired and be amazed as we speak to people diagnosed with a variety of dementias as they share their art projects with us. Find out how you can help your loved one or those you care for get involved with art.

Creating Beauty, Finding Comfort, & Empowering Individuals

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Recognitions and Awards

Lori La Bey is a change agent shifting dementia care around the world. Just ask Oprah, Maria Shriver, Sharecare, AARP MN, or The National Institute for Dementia Education who have recognized her cutting-edge approach to shift global dementia care. Lori's own mother lived with dementia for thirty years, so you can be comforted knowing she truly understands the needs of those diagnosed, their families, and professionals who care for them.

Oprah Winfrey

Lori La Bey named "Health Hero & Alzheimer's Empath" by O Magazine.

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Maria Shriver

Lori La Bey named "Architect of Change for Humanity" by Maria Shriver.

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Lori La Bey named "#1 Influencer Online for Alzheimer's Disease" by Sharecare.

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Lori La Bey named "50 Over 50" and "Disruptor & Inspiring Leader" by AARP MN and Pollen.

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