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The challenges of living with memory loss can sever social connection at a time when it is needed most. Memory and Alzheimer's café gatherings are one way people with memory loss and their care companions are coming together to make new friendships and support one another.

"Lori, this very nice to see. The concept started as an Alzheimer Cafe in the Netherlands in 1997 and was so successful over there that there are now 200 of these meetings throughout the country (with a population of 16 million)! From there it went to England, Belgium, France, Sweden and recently even Indonesia."  Marc Wortmann, Excutive Director of Alzheimer's Disease International.

Dr. Bère Miesen, a Dutch psychologist, understood this need for social connection when he opened the first such café in Holland.  The idea is now gaining traction in the US, where close to 200 cafés have opened in cities and towns across the nation. But we hope there will be many more, and soon, because they seem to filling a significant unmet need.


Another Note Of Encouragement: 

"This weekend, a customer came in while I was working a shift.  After I introduced myself as the “manager,” he proceeded to tell me how thankful he was for Memory Café.  He mentioned that his parents recently started attending as his mother’s dementia has gotten worse.  He indicated that she is very self-conscious about her memory issues, but she has been warmly welcomed at Memory Café.  He also mentioned that his dad is very introverted but has loved his experience at Memory Café.  Finally, he asked me to pass on his thanks because it has become the highlight of his parents’ week!

Just wanted to pass that along!  Yay Memory Café!!"

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Members Talk Honestly About What They Get Out Of Their Memory Cafe Gatherings

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Members From Arthur's Memory Cafe in Roseville, Mninesota.

 Article On Arthur's Memory Cafe - January 23rd, 2013   by Gail Rosenblum of the Star Tribune

  Memory Cafes Offer Couples Dealing With Dementia A Social Connection - Pioneer  Press - March 14th, 2014  

 Arthur's Memory Cafe Opened Oct 26th, 2011. 

As of April on 2014 we have now expanded and have three different groups.

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