Alzheimer's Speaks

The Purple Angel Program

A Global Advocacy Program For Individauls & Businesses

Finally one symbol for dementia that is recognized around the world

The time has arrived for the world to embrace one global symbol to be inclusive of all types of dementia and acknowledge and spread awareness awareness together.

The Purple Angel symbolizes a guardian over those living with any type of dementia, their families, friends, and those helping to raise awareness of the disease. The Purple Angel logo became embraced by individuals and organizations around the world and that is when the globe was added to show the impact and collaboration of this movement.

Now is the Time to Come Together!

We finally have one symbol representing a global message to raise awareness, hope, and empowerment for all people living and dealing with any form of dementia.

The Purple Angel Campaign shows no signs of slowing down.

Its Purpose is Simple:

Purple Angel History

"Norman McNamara from Torbay, who has dementia was a driving force behind the creation of a dementia friendly community in the UK. Together with Jane Moore, a carer (That’s what they call caregivers/care partners/ care companions in the UK.) they produced the original design of the" Purple Angel Dementia Awareness" symbol which is a registered trademark. Lyn Richards and Jeff Talbot added the globe to the Purple Angel and this has been adopted by many across the world. Permission has been freely given for the use the Purple Angel symbol by anyone raising awareness of dementia and your feedback is always appreciated. See more details for businesses and organizations below.

Authorized Use of the Purple Angel:

The Purple Angel can be used for advertising and promotion for public awareness and understanding of dementia, dementia-related issues, dementia support groups, and services; but is not to be leveraged to make profit from its use.

Permission has been given to utilize the symbol to an individuals and organizations who are raising awareness of dementia and adhering to the policy of reading the Purple Angel Dementia Awareness poster. The US version is shown below.

Purple Angel for Your Business:

If a business, organization or community is going to use the Purple Angel logo they are asked to have all employees or members of their organization/community read the poster prior to utilizing the Purple Angel logo or Dementia Aware emblem. They also must get a written release from Gary LeBlanc, the trademark owner, prior to utilizing. Businesses and organizations must get permission to use the Purple Angel, from the trademark owner, Gary LeBlanc.

Are You Ready To Join the Cause?