Representing You

In A Positive Light!

When Lori La Bey founder of Alzheiemer's Speaks believes in your company, she will have your back!  She has an authentic voice which can be used to deliver your message in a variety of ways: from advertising, training, or crisis management. Her natural ability to deliver a calm confident presence even in the most trying of times gets people to listen and ”buy into your message.” 

If you are interested in discussing your needs in detail please Contact Lori for a confidential conversation. 

Lori specializes in the areas of Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, Caregiving, Ageism, Ethics Healthcare delivery Systems, Senior Housing and Real Estate

Watch the sample speaker video in the bottom left corner of this page, called "Driving Change In Caregiving" which will give you an idea of what Lori can offer your organization. 

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