Shifting Perspectives With Multiple Platforms

Meeting Your Needs,                                                            Motivating Others To Align With Your Mission


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Fun, Engaging Excersies With Powerful Lessons That Change Hearts And Mindsets

Lori La Bey’s training style is Emotional Based.  She understands once a person feels the need to change on a heart and soul level, they become “Shift Ready™.” This motivates people to align with your mission.   Lori has a variety of programs she offers to assist you and your organization to shift your "Care Culture".  She is always interested in meeting the needs of your goals.  Lori is flexible on delivery style from:  in-person, to webinars, tele-seminars, DVD’s or CD’s packages.  She is also budget conscience and understands the importance of providing critical training in these economical times.  Lori does offer limited opportunities for discounted and pro-bono rates.   

Visit our Event Planner Section for details on Contract Requirements (which includes A/V needs, Room Layout options, Bio, Travel and Compensation requirements, Photos and more) Information on Emotional Based Training™, Credentials, and a Sampling of Programs can be found there too.  Click here for information regarding Testimonials and Past Client List. 

Lori specializes in the areas of Alzheimer’s disease, Dementia, Caregiving, Ageism, Ethics, Healthcare Delivery Systems, Senior Housing and Later Life Transitions in Housing.   Check out a Sampling of Programs.  Contact Lori to Discuss Your Needs.

Watch the sample speaker video in the bottom left corner of this page, called "Driving Change In Caregiving" which will give you an idea of what Lori can offer your organization.

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