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"Feedback from the conference planning committee and our leadership team was extremely positive. 

Many attendees commented that she was one of the best speakers they had heard." 

Pat Sylvia, Director of Education & Member Development

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As a Professional Speaker, Lori La Bey prides herself on being organized and easy to work with.  She knows Event Planners have multiple of responsibilities and deadlines to meet, so she wants to ease the process and give you access to the information you need upfront. When working with Lori La Bey you will find she is willing to get creative to design a perfect package of services to meet your event needs.   


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Have you ever gotten in a pinch and a speaker has cancelled or is has gotten stuck in storm at an airport?  Well call Lori La Bey.  She understands the pressure you are under to pull of an amazing event and if her schedule can accomdate your needs she will be there!

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What is Emotional Based Training?






Shifting Your Dementia Care Culture™ Series

Meeting the Mandates without Breaking the Bank!

The Shifting Your Dementia Care Culture webinar series is designed around the concept Lori calls Emotional-Based Training™ . Each session was purposely developed to be short, fun, and inspirational, as well as to provide learning lessons, simple tools, tips, and techniques to shift your dementia care culture. Lori’s goal is to shift not only the minds of participants, but their hearts and souls as well.  By doing so, people are able to shift their “Personal Delivery Style of Care” to reflect a heart model, the foundation of which is person-centered. 


Shifting culture requires all parties to be educated at a similar pace using similar language. Yes, you can do it piece-meal, position by position, then family and friends, and finally wrapping up with the public at large. But that method simply is not efficient nor effective, and certainly it is not an economically responsible way to drive change. Shifting a culture works much better and faster when we all work together for a common goal. 

Based on this, Lori has developed 14 one-hour modules. Two modules will be completed each month to give your organization the heart and mind set to transform your dementia care culture in less than a year!

Below are the the 14 modules.  For more information on "Shifting Your Dementia Care Culture" Click Here


For more information on live and recorded sessions Click Here

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