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Everyone is looking for the same thing when it comes to attending an event. They are looking for ways to make their personal life or work life easier; all while having a good time and feeling inspired. They want to be engaged and entertained.  If they admit it or not, most want new innovated ways to assess, apply, and share knowledge to improve their life.

Lori La Bey feels strongly that being diversified in a variety of offerings is critical to meet the wide range of needs within an audience. 

Some Topics We Cover

Driving Change In How We Care for Ourselves and Others By

Leveraging A Variety Of Modalities

Fun Interactive Activities Teaching Powerful Life Lessons

Changing How Care Is Perceived, Received & Delivered

A Small Sampling Of Programs

Lori presents to patients, families, and professionals and can easily adapt to be inclusive and respectful when speaking to combined audiences. She is available for keynotes, breakouts, and training programs range from an hour to multiple days.

As a Professional Speaker, Lori La Bey prides herself on being organized and easy to work with. She knows Event Planners have multiple responsibilities and deadlines to meet. Lori wants to ease your process and give you the information you need upfront, so you aren't waiting on her or having to track her down to get the information to do your job. She prides herself on being thorough so you can look good to whoever you have to answer to.

Leveraging Humor & Humility To Inspire Change

Designing The Perfect Package For Your Event

Lori is also very flexible to work with. More than once she has stepped up and stepped in when another speaker or program has fallen through at the last minute. She knows the show must go on and she wants you to know she is team player and will help whenever she can. Collaborating to make the events is always her number one priority.

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Emotional Based Training™
Getting People To "FEEL THE NEED"
To Understand The "WHY" Behind Any Change

By using the Emotional Based Training technique, Lori is able to help people shift their “Personal Delivery Styles” to reflect a heart or relationship model. One which foundation is based on being client centered and service balanced.

Words like many training modules are not going to change a person’s actions, reactions, or choices. People need to feel the true need to change. That is why Lori La Bey sees dramatic changes in her audience’s perceptions and how they want to change their personal service delivery.

Caring Has No Boundaries

"Excellent Speaker. Incredible passion, heart-warming stories from personal experience as a caregiver, meaningful and thought-provoking presentation."
Terry R. Barclay
Ph D., L.P., Clinical Neuropsychologist

Lori La Bey Demonstrates Techniques To
Shift Mindsets From Crisis To Comfort

What is so amazing about Lori's life work is that she does not only partner with and help communities: she creates communities. Her Alzheimer's Speaks Blog, with its tremendous reach and resources, is an indispensable community for families and professionals caring for people with memory loss. She is a trailblazer in building a community of support and advocacy a person at a time, and in this way touches the lives of families and care providers in ways many "experts" can only dream to do.
Joseph E. Gaugler
PhD., Long-Term Care Professor in Nursing | School of Nursing Center for Aging Science & Care Innovation | Center on Aging University of Minnesota

Lori La Bey is always willing to meet with your local or national media connections to help promote your event, be it in person, virtual, phone or answering questions in writing. She can also assist with getting the message out for your public events via her event page, radio show, and blog.

Lori's Strengths Finder Skillsets Are:

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Recognitions and Awards

Lori La Bey is a change agent shifting dementia care around the world. Just ask Oprah, Maria Shriver, Sharecare, AARP MN, or The National Institute for Dementia Education who have recognized her cutting-edge approach to shift global dementia care. Lori's own mother lived with dementia for thirty years, so you can be comforted knowing she truly understands the needs of those diagnosed, their families, and professionals who care for them.

Oprah Winfrey

Lori La Bey named "Health Hero & Alzheimer's Empath" by O Magzine.

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Maria Shriver

Lori La Bey named "Architect of Change fro Humanity" by Maria Shriver.

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Lori La Bey named "#1 Influencer Online for Alzheimer's Disease" by Sharecare.

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Lori La Bey named "50 Over 50" in the category of "Disruptor & Inspiring Leader" by AARP MN and Pollen.

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Lori La Bey Awarded the "Seal of Excellence" by the National Institute for Dementia Education

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