17 Signs things might be changing!

17 Signs things might be changing

  1. Your Mother asks your Father, “How many kids do we have?”
  2. Your Mom is reading the paper upside down.
  3. You find a cheat sheet on how to use the TV remote and telephone.
  4. Your Mother enjoys coloring as much, if not more than your five year old.
  5. Your Mother just introduced you to her friends as her Mother.
  6. Only red or pink clothes belong to your Mother.  The rest are not hers and you are told to remove them.
  7. Profanity spews from a woman who carried a bar of soap in here purse when you were younger, just waiting for you to slip up, so she could clean up your mouth.
  8. You are golfing and your Mom falls into a sand trap and starts swimming.
  9. Your Mother asks, “Is Dad dead?’
  10. Your Mother falls in love with a woman thinking she is  a man.
  11. There is constant drama with items missing, Kleenex boxes, purses, newspapers, glasses…
  12. You ask your Mom to bend her knee and she wiggles her finger in compliance.
  13. You are at the movies and your Mom stands up and starts interacting with the movie characters.
  14. Your Dad is throwing up blood, leaves for the doctor, and your Mom sits down to a cup of coffee not realizing anything is wrong.
  15. You fall asleep at the wheel.  Your Mom in the front seat looking straight ahead and says nothing as you jump a curb and slap down a couple of signs.
  16. Your mom starts using salt instead of sugar when baking.
  17. Your Mom writes on her window with lipstick asking for help to escape.

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