1st UK Memory Cafe makes it to the US – Watch Video!

J. Arthur’s Memory Cafe had their first open house on July 13th.  Watch the video and learn more about the UK & US collaboration.  Maybe you can have one open in your town!


If you are in Minnesota please come to their 2nd Open House on July 27th

Check out the flier below for details

2 Replies to “1st UK Memory Cafe makes it to the US – Watch Video!”

  1. The first US Alzheimer’s Cafe opened in 2008 in Santa Fe, NM. It’s still going strong and after an article in AARP Bulletin in April it has now inspired two more Alzheimer’s Cafes in California, with another opening in Seattle in August and several under development in the eastern part of the country. For more information, go to: http://www.alzheimerscafe.com.
    Dr.Jytte Lokvig

    1. HI Jytte,

      Thanks for writing in. I understand you cafe has been open since 2008 and that is wonderful. The concepts are similar yet different and so I view us each being a first of it’s kind in the US,with hopefully many more to come.


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