Dementia & Driving with Dignity

Dementia & Driving with Dignity

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This is a fascinating show! 

(We had some difficulties with the airwaves today… not sure why .. sorry about that)

Today’s guest is Matt Gurwell, Founder & CEO of Keeping Us Safe, LLC; a national organization proudly serving America’s senior drivers and their families.

Developer of Continuing Education (CEU) programs for nurses, social workers, law enforcement, geriatric care managers and other health care/social service communities on the topic of how to help older drivers and their families (as well as professionals!) work through the very delicate issues of a retirement from driving.


Developer of the “Enhanced Self-Assessment Program” specifically designed for senior drivers.

Author of “Beyond Driving with Dignity; The workbook for the families of older drivers”.

Certified by the Office of the Ohio Attorney General as a Special Subject Instructor for the Ohio Peace Officer Basic Training Program.

Contact Information:

Matt Gurwell, Founder & CEO

Keeping Us Safe


Use the coupon discount by typing in “MATT” if you decide to purchase  a workbook.

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