Shifting Attitudes When Dealing With Alzheimer’s Disease..Introducing “The Long Hello!”

Author Cathie Borrie of “The Long Hello”

I interviewed Cathie yesterday on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio.  Click below to hear her fascinating journey with her Mother’s dementia and how she handled it.  Their journey is very inspiring and uplifting.  In fact they are working on the screen play!

Cathie Borrie has degrees in health & law, but nothing prepared her for the seven years she spent caring for her mother, who had Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  Along this heartbreaking and unexpectedly fascinating journey she discovered that recording conversations with her mother, writing a memoir, and learning to ballroom dance were ways to tell both her and her mother’s story.


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Here are two books that Cathie wrote about her journey with her Mother.

Excerpts from her lyrical memoir, The Long Hello-The Other Side of Alzheimer’s, have been shortlisted three times in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Literary Awards.  Cathie presents her mother’s message of hope and inspiration all over the world and is adapting the work for stage and screen and for performance with music, dance, film, and voice.

Cathie Borrie can be reached via her website

4 Replies to “Shifting Attitudes When Dealing With Alzheimer’s Disease..Introducing “The Long Hello!””

  1. I went on this journey with my mother and aunt. I accepted the changes because of my love for them and wanted to make them happy, and laugh, and still enjoying life until the end. I took them every where I could with me, restaurants, stores etc. I have to admit it was difficult at times but always rewarding!

  2. I’m entering year four active full time care for Mom…I’m not saying its been anything like easy, but at least I know that Mom is happy. We do lots of things, daily Catholic Mass (she still knows many of the prayers even if some have changed), shopping, she loves our Aquarium, and as much as taking her out to eat has meant adapting to Mom’s condition, we do that too (finger foods are great!).

    1. Hi Tom
      Glad to hear from you. I think the phrase “entering” is very appropriate.You are entering year four,but more important; you are entering and caring for her in her world! Good JOB!


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