Video Conferencing – A New Helpful Tool For Connecting

Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

on Video Conferencing

This is a wonderful interview which shows us the importance of connecting with the ill and aging and how special it can be to all involved.  click on the black circle with the white arrow in the Blog Talk Radio graphic below to start listening to the program.  You can also tweet, share or send to itunes by clicking on the the icons under the white bar.

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Learn about Visiting-Ours and how they can help you connect with your loved ones with video conferencing.

Tom Sweeney

Our guest today is Tom Sweeney, Executive Director at Visiting Ours Inc.

 Visiting-Ours non-profit enables families to video-chat with their elderly loved ones, whether they live independently or in an assisted living or nursing home.

Elderly participants do not need computers, Internet access or any technical knowledge. They simply visit with family on our equipment while the aide waits outside.

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