Life with a Parent with Dementia

A Teenagers Story:

Life with a Parent with Dementia

Alzheimer’s  Speaks Radio

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Bailey will share her story with us.  We will talk openly about her journey with memory loss starting at the age of 13 yrs old.  This will be a fascinating show and we will explore what a child observes and feels from their perspective.  How has this changed not only her fathers life, but her families, and her own?  What does she worry about?  What does she want to know?  How has this disease affected her life and those around her?

Come join us for this intimate discussion about her experiences with dementia and memory loss – the pain and grief, as well as the gifts wrapped in this unusual package.

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  1. This is really a great story. Despite the challenges that dementia poses to the patient’s family members, she was able to overcome them and now she’s even an advocate of this movement. Very inspiring

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