Alzheimer’s Speaks on Interactive Video Conferences, Dementia Service Dogs & Dementia Chats

Rick Phelps & Leeann Chames on

Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio-

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 Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio Tuesday July 17

Rick Phelps Founder of Memory People and his Executive Director Leeanne Chames join Lori La Bey on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio.






We discussed Rick’s Interactive Videos Conferences for  Support Groups as well as Professionals wanting to learn more about dementia from a person who has it.

We talked about Rick’s new book “While I Still Can.”





We got an update on “Sam” Rick’s Dementia Service Dog that is being trained to assist him.  Sam will be joining the Phelps family in September. I am looking forward to the transition and hearing step by step how things go for Rick and Sam.   If I remember right Rick mentioned 60minutes is interested in following this meetup!  We also discussed Oprah’s interest in covering caregiving angles such as the one they contacted me on – Transitional living – when a parent moves in with a child or visa versa to accommodate care.


We also chatted on our new FREE webinar series  “Dementia Chats – While We Still Can.”   This is a platform where I interview people living with dementia like Rick Phelps and Harry Urban.  Harry is picture here.  The goal is to raise awareness and remove the stigma of dementia by openly talking about the disease in a non script mode engaging our audience to participate in asking questions and making comments.  Everyone is welcome.  I will keep you posted on the next session and where you can get the record sessions to listen at your leisure.

So many exciting things going on to assist those dealing with dementia!

I just love my job.  Do you like yours?  Have you found what you are passionate about?  If not,  I encourage you to do so.  Work doesn’t feel at all like work when you love what you do.

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