It’s World Alzheimer’s Day – Big Announcements!

It’s World Alzheimer’s Day –

Big Announcements!

Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio was thrilled to have special guests today who are heading up some BIG Movements in Dementia Awareness.  You can listen to the full radio interview at your leisure by clicking on the blog talk radio logo at the bottom of the page.

The Executive Director Marc Wortmann from Alzheimer’s Disease International joined us from London to share some exciting initiatives to raise awareness and funding for dementia research and support.

The world report on stigma and dementia is out and you can get tot he report by clicking on the ADI logo above.  Check out the video on stigmas below it is very powerful.


In addition ADI launch  in conjunction with Joseph Portelli a singer songwriter  a global campaign to join forces world wide through the release of the International Anthem for Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia.  “How The Times Have Changed” hits the nail on the head depicting the emotional roller coaster of  memory loss for both the person afflicted with the disease as well as those who care for them.  This powerful song helps people feel not so isolated and alone.  It puts the emotions front and center that can devastate so many behind closed doors.

Music is a language in and of itself which transcends all generations and cultures.  For less than a cup of coffee you can support this great global cause, which allows your dollars to fund your community… Plus you will have this wonderful song that heals and inspires you and all  you share  it with.

Here is a personal message from Joseph Portelli


Join us in working together to banish dementia!

[bandcamp track=2722729940  bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]

In addition, Dawn Field the Producer of the short film called Shattered Love joined us to share more information about the crowd funding they are doing in order to bring this powerful film to the world.  I had the privilege of reading the script and this movie takes a hard look how dementia affects not only the person with the disease, but those caring for them.  I would encourage everyone to participate in helping this film get made.  Not only will it help those int he trenches with the dementia, but it will raise awareness and be a powerful training film as well.

There are many levels and ways to assist this project as well plus perks such as the Memorial Wall and Wrist Bands, meeting the Actors…


To listen to the full radio interview

click on the white triangle in the black circle

in the graphic below.

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Help Us Win The Battle!

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