The Unexpected Caregiver on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

Kari Berit, the Author of The Unexpected Caregiver joined us today for a very interesting conversation where she gave us lots of great tips for being a better caregiver.  In addition to the book, Kari has some other tools that can help you engage; plus she is a caregiver coach.

You can listen to the show

by clicking on the white triangle in the black circle. 

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You can connect with Kari Berit below:

One Reply to “The Unexpected Caregiver on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio”

  1. Written by Kari Berit, author of the Active Seniors column for “Creative Forecasting” The Unexpected Caregiver: How Boomers Can Keep Mom & Dad Active, Safe and Independent lives up to its title, as it is packed cover to cover with invaluable information for any adult finding themselves in the role of caregiver to aging loved ones. Chapters address how to better communicate across the generational divide, the quest for spiritual direction, self-sustaining activities, the value of exercise, how pets factor into the equation, and much more. “Check their insurance coverage. Some carriers (including some Medicare supplementals, though not Medicare itself, at this writing) recognize the impact on insurance claims of staying active and healthy and will reimburse, in full or in part, for health-club memberships – provided they’re used on a regular basis.” With a firm emphasis on practical matters, The Unexpected Caregiver is a solid and compassionate resource, and a “must-have” for any baby boomer responsible for aging relatives.

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