Mind Start and Family Caregivers Unite on Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

   Today we had a great show with two wonderful guests full on site and support for those dealing with dementia.  Both I’m     sure we will be having back on the show!

Monica Heltemes an Occupational Therapist and Founder of Mind Start.   Mind Start has produced a line of dementia care products designed to stimulate the mind and use abilities of the person that still remain. Her passion is bringing cognitive stimulation, connections, and joy to people with dementia and their caregivers.  Monica gave us great tips and ideas of how and why to break down tasks to allow the person with dementia to take part and feel valued and     included.


Dr. Gordon Atherley is host, founder, and owner of Family Caregivers Unite! The Internet radio talk show that empowers family caregivers, by amplifying their voice, spreading their vision, and publicizing their value.  We discussed types of abuse and how subtle they can be and yet sometimes difficult to control.  Dr Atherley also had some great tips for working with your health professionals which can help in diagnosis and treatment.

Family Caregivers Unite!

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All episodes are recorded and archived for your convenience.

As mentioned on the show today, here is the information for

New Clinical Trial for Alzheimer’s disease.

A New Era in  Alzheimer’s – Time for Tau is Now

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