Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio – New Children’s Book & Virtual Dementia Tours

Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio –

New Children’s Book & Virtual Dementia Tours

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We had a great discussion with Julie Matysik the Editor and managing editor of Sky Pony Press which published the new children’s book “My New Granny.”  This a a great short story  written by Elisabeth Steinkellner with wonderful illustrations by Michael Roher.  The book has wonderful lessons for all of us and helps remove the fear surrounded by dementia.  It’s a great example of how to connect!

You can get the book at any book store, or on

You can always reach out to Julie Matysik at Sky Pony Press

or call her at 212-643-6816  ext 237

Julie Matysik Editor Sky Pony Press
Michael Roher, Illustrator
Elisabeth Steinkellner, Writer
PK Beville, Virtual Dementia Tour & Second Wind Dreams

Our second guest was PK Beville of Virtual Dementia Tours and Second Wind Dreams.  PK is doing some amazing work with our aging population and you will want to hear this interview.  Second Wind Dreams grants wishes large and small to our elderly in long term care.  The Virtual Dementia Tour is a fantastic tool which helps people get sensitized to what living with Dementia is like.  As a professional in the industry and one who has personally traveled the caregiving journey with my own Mother for 30 years, I can honestly say “Everyone needs this training!”  It is an amazing way to help us see things differently and to have a better understanding of what it’s like to live with this disease.

You can reach PK at:

Second Wind Dreams or


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