Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio Archived Show Dec 17th

Alzheimer’s Speaks Radio

Archived Show Dec 17th

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Eilon Caspi picEilon Caspi Ph.D., was our first guest on the show today.  Eilon has worked in  the field for aging for 19 years.  During the last decade his focus has been on persons with memory-loss and their care partners in work, research, and training care partners (family and care staff).  He has a great interest in prevention and de-escalation of responsive behaviors and bringing about and maintaining positive emotional states.

You can reach Eilon by visiting his website or his blog Aggression Between Residents with Dementia


Dr_Ronald_DeVereOur second guest will be Dr. Ronald DeVere, a Neurologist and  the Director of the Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory disorders Center in Austin Texas.  Dr DeVere is also the Author of “Memory Loss: Everything you want to know but forget to ask “.  His book can be purchased via Amazon.

He can be reached at his office at 512- 261-7909, or by visiting the web site:



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  1. You may also need to have a brain MRI. Depression, as I mentioned earlier, is one of the main causes of memory loss. So the difficulties you have with your memory may still be due to depression. I think that you do need a full medical workup to identify the cause of your memory loss.

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