In-Depth: Alzheimer’s at an Early Age

Here is a great news story by Fox 9 News, on Early Stage Alzhiemer’s and the questions two daughters ask themselves about the possibilities of them personally getting the disease.

Here is the link:

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  1. Lori has very kindly taken the time and trouble to review my DVD called Calmer By Nature. If anyone wants to buy it in the US we supply it in the US format, NTSC and the price in dollars is around $25 depending on the currency against the Pound today I see it is a little less at $24.92.

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    I am seriously thinking of making a film called Calmer Talking Points, similar to Calmer by Nature, so with lots of close encounters with wild deer, badgers, woodpeckers, beautiful rivers scenes and spring hedgerows etc but also filled with things to prompt memories and “talking points” between families with loved ones who have Alzheimers and or Dementia. There will be no people or voiceover again but whereas there are no shots of people in Calmer By Nature in Talking Points, there would be distant shots of families on a beach or sailing or playing golf or outside a country church, images to spark happy memories so conversation is easier.
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    1. Hi Barry

      Thanks for getting back on the conversion dollars to purchase your video Calmer By Nature. People have loved it!

      As for your next film concept I think it sounds very interesting. Anything that can trigger memories for people with Alzheimer’s would be great in my opinion. Please keep us all posted on your project.

      Thank you again for sharing your DVD with me and allowing me to share it with others. Your website by the way is fantastic!

      Keep up the great work.


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