Dementia Friendly Campaign – What Is It Like To Have Dementia?

Dementia Friendly Campaign –

What Is It Like To Have Dementia?


To learn more about how you, your company or community can join the Dementia Friendly Campaign Contact Us by making a comment here or go to Alzheimer’s Speaks and click on the Contact Us to send a private email.

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You may want to check out the FREE Dementia Chats webinars we do.  All are recorded.

You can hear people with dementia talk about what life is really like for them,

how they are coping and how you can help!

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4 Replies to “Dementia Friendly Campaign – What Is It Like To Have Dementia?”

  1. What a clear and very awakening look at how, what and the way the person struggles to make sense of the meanings, the faces, the clothing and the words they hear. Thank you Lori! The video was a true awakening! Janie

  2. My husband are living your description of Dementia now. I’m so glad for videos like this one. You are helping people to understand. We are about to put my husband in memory care and I feel like I’m abandoning him but I also know that he will get better care there than I am able to give him. Thank you for contributing.

    1. HI Carol
      Thank you so much for writing. I totally understand that feeling of abandoning, but you are right. You are not and will now be able to go back to claim the role of “wife.” Best of luck to you all


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