A Husband & Wife, Plus A Bike & Alzheimer’s Disease = A Profound Love Story

What a Wonderful Example of True Unconditional Love


Get your tissues out…  Most of us, can only hope to have a love like this.

Where can you get a bike like that?  Go to their website

Enjoy the Labor Day Holiday!

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6 Replies to “A Husband & Wife, Plus A Bike & Alzheimer’s Disease = A Profound Love Story”

  1. Sorry Lori, No tissues here. All I kept saying was how nice, how easy, what an easy patient his wife is. Carol would have been jumping off the stair chair and yelling in a voice I didn’t understand, and hitting me. I know there are others like Carol out there, and have been for a long time. Do we lock these patients up in lock down units, as Carol was, so they can fall over another patient and break hips? How do we keep young, active patient from hurting themselves and their caregiver? How? Ask that of some of your guests.
    I will agree this is a wonderful story. Carol loved riding her bike, before this damn disease.

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