A Meeting of the Minds – Groundbreaking Webinar for Those With Dementia

A Groundbreaking Webinar for Those With Dementia

On September 10 and 11, people with dementia from across the USA and Canada will be getting together in a virtual conference room for A Meeting of the Minds. At this ground-breaking event for people living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, participants will discuss the issues they face as people with dementia in their communities, provinces/states and countries, and will begin to think about actions they can take and how they can support each other in taking these actions.

A Meeting of the Minds will be hosted by Richard Taylor, PhD and Laura Bramly.  Richard is based in the USA, and was diagnosed nine years ago with dementia, probably of the Alzheimer’s type. Since then he has created a life of purpose by speaking out about dementia, and teaching others about the disease through his book, DVDs and speeches at conferences around the world.Laura Bramly is a writer, editor and graphic designer based in Canada. She edits the I CAN! I WILL! Stand Up and Speak Out About Dementia website and is a caregiver support group facilitator. The event is sponsored by Dementia Support Networks, a nonprofit organization started by Richard with the purpose of connecting people with dementia.

The idea for A Meeting of the Minds grew out of the I CAN! I WILL! website (www.alz.co.uk/icaniwill), which is an idea library sponsored by Alzheimer’s Disease International and a rich resource populated by ideas to combat issues related to dementia. All ideas are written by people with dementia, caregivers, professionals and volunteers who work in the field of dementia, and contributors come from many countries around the world.

Both Richard and Laura have experienced the power of face-to-face, in-person meetings that have taken place between people with dementia at Alzheimer’s Disease International annual conferences, where participants discuss issues and actions that are being taken around the world. Inspired by the incredible stories being told by people with dementia, both at these meetings and on I CAN! I WILL!, Laura and Richard decided to try and bring their message of empowerment, community and hope to a wider audience via webinar technology on the Internet.

During A Meeting of the Minds, participants will confront issues that are taking place in their lives and communities as people with dementia. They will hear stories from people with dementia who are already taking action in ways small and big in their own lives. They will brainstorm possible actions, saying “I CAN!” and “I WILL!” to some goals, and finally, will consider ways in which they can support each other in taking these actions.

Separate meetings are being held for the USA and Canada so that participants can discuss issues that may be particular to their countries. In the future, Richard and Laura hope to make these meetings even more focused and local, so that participants can connect and create community together.

Registration is open for both meetings. Many people with dementia have registered, along with family members, friends or other caregivers acting as support people. There have also been inquiries from Early Stage Support Group facilitators, who will broadcast the webinar live to support group participants.

For more information about A Meeting of the Minds and to register, go to


4 Replies to “A Meeting of the Minds – Groundbreaking Webinar for Those With Dementia”

  1. The question is not, should you join others in walking (and donating of course) to end Alzheimer’s Disease. Since the local chapters depend on these walks, since their hearts, minds, and services directly, and with the exceptions of salaries, overhead, and a few dollars for advocacy – the dollars raised by these walks provide their working capital. To stay away from the walks because 30-40% of each and every walk produced dollar goes directly to the National Alzheimer’s Association to primarily support their *lemming like rush to spend their money and efforts promoting mostly research to find a “cure pill.” Ask specifically that your walk donation go to fund some specific service of theirs’. Personally, I prefer services and program for folks living with dementia. Write that on your donation check. There is no guarantee this will keep all the money in your local community, but it is the best you can do, given the attitude and contract of the National Association with each of their local chapters.

    1. thank you for your comments. You are right not all money stays locally. I too think it’s a good idea to know how the money is being used. I am a big support of funds being used to help those living and dealing with the disease today,not not for research. Too many people are in need of help now.

      Thanks again for writing


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