A Moment Passed – Alzheimer’s – We Must Talk About

“A Moment Passed”

By Norrms McNarama

Yesterday evening, here in Torquay we had a break in the clouds, so we decided that we would have a short drive down the seafront and through Torquay. It was just one of those days where the worries of the world seemed to playing on my mind and even worse “My Angel” Elaine’s mind, so a drive down the coast was just a reminder of why we moved here and why we love it here. After a while of “doing What the Tourists do” loll, sightseeing and watching the world go by we set off home through Torquay and drove up to the lights where the Central Church of Torquay is (its name is so apt as that’s exactly where it is !!LOL) Then it happened, I suddenly realised I had absolutely no idea where I was!!!!

My heart started to race as I began to panic!! Nothing looked even remotely familiar!! My eyes scanned the horizon and surrounding buildings for anything that I could remember but nothing!! Apparently according to Elaine a small sharp whimper left my lips which alerted Elaine to my plight. “WHERE ARE WE??? I Demanded!! “Where are we??” I kept repeating.

Elaine, with all her 30 years of care experience managed to calm me down, and started to point out where we where and where we were going. Nothing was coming back to me for what seemed an age and it wasn’t until we pulled into the road we live on that it all come flooding back!! If you remember, this, or something similar happened to me a while ago whilst I was putting my lottery on, but please believe me when I say it’s just as frightening no matter how many times it happens. It’s as though somebody just switches a switch and off the memories go.

For anybody who doesn’t have this awful disease just try, even for just a second to imagine how frightening that is!! It’s truly horrifying!! There have to be others in my position, that are going through the same thing right at this moment, yet we hear very little about this?

Is it because they are ashamed of it happening? Is it because they are in Denial and just put it down to forgetfulness? Or is it because they fear its some kind of insanity which has blighted their lives??

Whatever it is, I believe it’s up to each and every one of us to tell those people “ITS OK TO TALK ABOUT IT!!! “ITS OK TO TELL PEOPLE ABOUT IT” And until we do, until we ALL show some kind of empathy and understanding of this disease, the stigma of this disease will never diminish and the shame that some people feel will never be washed away.

I for one, as you know am quite willing to stand up and be counted!!! And I hope and pray that one day; many more will join me in raising our voices, and together we can defeat this awful disease once and for all.

Best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxxx”

8 Replies to “A Moment Passed – Alzheimer’s – We Must Talk About”

  1. We often hear the caregiver tell their story but rerely does one who suffers form Alzheimer’s speak.Thank you so much for telling your story and allowing us to be a part of it.Perhaps from this can come awareness and compassion.Well done.

  2. It must be awful to not recognize where you are, The panic arising from forgetting is agonizing. I watch as my mom is going through this. Your commentary helps. Thanks for sharing.

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