A New Powerful Musical Play About Dementia – Buy Your Tickets Now


my_mother_has_4_noses_DUKEClick Above For More Details & To Buy Tickets!

Lori_040_1LQSoftCropped“You won’t want to miss this play as Jonatha Brooke takes storytelling and her exquisite music to a new level.  I’ve seen My Mother Has 4 Noses three times and each time I have been amazed by the audience reaction. People relate to her personal story of dementia through laughter and tears, but the incredible part is to see and hear the conversations ignite on how we care for one another after the play. It’s impossible not to think about how you want to be cared for and to look at how you have cared for others after watching this play.  These conversations are not your typical after show talks, but needed, intimate conversations that continue long after the performance.  I highly recommend you can stay for the talk back if you can fit it into your schedule too!”

~  Lori La Bey, founder of Alzheimer’s Speaks  ~

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