A Note From Our Friend Norrms

norrms speaking
Hiya, i had an e mail from some nurses in Canada the other day asking if i had done any videos for training and awareness ect, so i thought i would list them all together and also share on here just in case they are helpful to anybody, very best wishes, Norrms and family
So, here are a few videos i have done talking not only about my own dementia but my thoughts on other related dementia issues, i really hope they help. As always, thank YOU so much for what you are doing and if i can help in any other way please just ask.

Also here is the links to the books i have written SINCE my diagnosis (proceeds from these sales also go to Dementia charities so please share with friends) because they are written by someone who ACTUALLY has this disease i am told they help so much, i would appreciate these being put on your website as well if you don’t mind. If you do get any responses to my writings/poems i am more than happy to answer them if possible if you pass them onto me, very best wishes, Norrms and family xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Link to books, and are also available on on amazon.co.uk

From Alzheimer’s to Lewy Body`s

Dementia _ From the heart

My dementia_The story so far

Does dementia and depression go hand in Hand?

The benefits of an early diagnosis

When the carers need caring for

Video about End of life care

Dementia and bereavement


A Little about me

Talk on Alzheimer’s (i reveal at the end i have dementia)

Speech for nurses and medics


Dementia and christmas

When i won my award for pride Of britain 2012


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