A Sacred Scarf & Dementia

A Sacred Scarf & Dementia

I have to share with you all a very special gift I received from one of our readers. Let me correct that phrase. I just can’t in good conscience refer to Sheri as a”reader” of the blog.  It just feels so wrong.  You see Sheri and I met through Alzheimer’s Speaks, but by no means do I consider her a “reader,” or “follower” of the blog.  I think of Sheri as a close personal, friend, even though we have never met. 

The other day I received a UPS package.  As I picked up box that sat on my stoop, my hands got warm and my heart turned soft.  Once I opened the package, I found this beautiful purple scarf. (Just in case you haven’t noticed, purple is my favorite color.)  The scarf was so soft and smelt so good. I couldn’t help but put it around my neck immediately, and as I did my whole, body got warm. The scarf felt so healing and full of love.  It made me feel so comfortable and protected.  I wore it for two straight days!

I’ve never had a reaction to a piece of clothing like I did to this scarf.  I chose to believe it was made with love by a dear friend I have a unique connection with. 

[wpvideo ANeG8JmL]You see, Sheri and I have shared intimate thoughts and feelings like many of us here o Alzheimer’s Speaks regarding our journeys with dementia. 

Until my dying day, I don’t think I will ever forget our conversations regarding Sheri’s Mom, who has since passed.  Never will Halloween be the same for me. Never will I forget being at a conference and rushing to my room after the event that evening to check my email to see if Sheri had written me. All day I had wondered how things were going between Sheri and her mother.  YES, there was an email, Sheri had a huge break through with her Mother on this day and I was blessed to have Sheri tell me about her day.  Thank you for your friendship Sheri! It was so special it still brings tears to my eyes. 

Here is a glimpse at our journey together.  It truly is precious.

Today was a Gift of Connection. There is Reason to Celebrate! 

(Please note the name in this letter was changed as Sheri was not comfortable at the time using her real name.)


17 Replies to “A Sacred Scarf & Dementia”

  1. my grand pa is suffering from this and granny can not tolerate this they have fights regularly, i even tried to pull a spiritual programme through http://fundoosh.in policies but all in vain, some suggested that grandpa and granny needs a vacation and some says they need a separation. but i wish to god that this type of disease should not happen to any one. at least not to humans.

    1. HI Shirya

      I’m so sorry you are having a difficult time with your grandparents. Dementia is a very unique and difficult disease. My guess is your Granny is struggling to maintain control and keep things like they used to be and your Grandpa just can’t keep up with that life anymore. A vacation or separation probably won’t help in the long one as both are disorienting. I am going to direct you to a video on my youtube that just might help. It explain the tool “Your Memory Chip” It is free and easy to use, but I have been told by many life changing for them in the way they now interact and engage with their loved one. It just might be worth a try!

      Here is the link to the youtube video

      Here is the link to the website where you can get the form. Just click on the star burst. (At this time you have to request me to send it to you. I’m working on my new website where you will be able to just download the form Hopefully the new website will be finished soon)

      Blessing to all of you!

  2. I have followed your blog since I started making photo quilts last year. I just used purple and yellow for a photo quilt I donated to a Veteran suffering from TBI and I used similar colors with labeling for my 97 year old aunt. You have inspired me to learn more about Alzheimer’s and I would love to make a photo quilt for you as I continue to explore how photo quilts with text comfort those suffering a memory loss.
    I would like to donate this Remembering Quilt because “Alzheimer’s Speaks believes working together and sharing knowledge is the best way to win the battle”.

    1. OH Helen,
      You brought tears to my eyes reading this. What a sweet and lovely gesture. A remembering quilt would be oh so powerful. I would love to talk with you more about these. Maybe we could discuss your work on the radio show if you are interested. I’m going to shot you an email. Thank you for writing and your offer. I feel very honored.

      I’m so glad you have enjoyed the blog!


      1. Lori,
        Sometimes it’s a little overwhelming trying to collect photos for a Remembering Quilt with 6 to 10 photo collages. If you would like to create a pillow with one photo fabric collage I would need only 5 to 8 photos to make a 12″ x 16″ pillow or a standard size pillow case. You could have each photo labeled with text or add a special quote or verse. I have many shades of purple fabric 🙂

  3. Hi Lori,
    What a nice surprise to see you wearing the scarf. It just make my day, especially so because of your sincere appreciation. It looks lovely on you 🙂

    I hope all is well with your mother and that is safe, comfortable and pain-free. Take care dear.


    1. OH I wanted to tell you Naomi Feil has agreed to come on the radio show. she is the woman whose video I had you look at when you wen t to see your mom. I would love to have you on if we can work it out to tell her your story and what an impact she made in your life. She will be celebrating 30yrs of her Validation Program and also turns 80 this year. I’ll keep you posted as we don’t have a date or time set yet for the show.

      1. Hi Lori,

        I would love to meet Naomi Feil. Viewing the video that you encouraged me to look at was indeed a turning point in my life. I connected with my mother on a level I never thought was possible. And I am so thankful that I have no regrets as far as telling my mom I much I loved her. You especially knew how hard that was for me to express my feelings and you know the family background. Hats off to Mrs. Feil!!!

        Love you,

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