Adaptive Publications Providing Social, Cultural, and Spiritual

Lori La Bey talks with a variety of founders who are providing a variety of adaptive reading publications. This is a fabulous show that can be life-enriching for not just those living with dementia but for all older eyes! I think you will be amazed at all the resources we discussed and why they were developed.

Providing Social, Cultural, And Spiritual Engagement To Our Elders And Those Living With Dementia

Lessons Learned:

  • How each person saw firsthand the need for adaptive reading publications in different ways
  • How enabling people to continue to read had a major effect on health and wellness.
  • Why a coalition of Adaptive Publications is critical to getting the word out these tools are available.
  • How are these products different and why?
  • Examples of how these “social prescriptions” are meeting a huge need in the reading industry.
  • Hear examples of how dignity, respect, and engagement are maintained.

Providing Social, Cultural, And Spiritual Engagement To Our Elders And Those Living With Dementia

Laurette Klier is a career educator-turned-passionate advocate for adaptive publications for elders in life review. Her series, NANA’S BOOKS uses nostalgic art and literature in considerate formats to facilitate meaningful communication and unite generations. 

Nana’s books Website

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Nikki Jardin Publisher and Co-Founder of Mirador Magazine – an award-winning, adaptive text publication. 

Mirador Website

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Social Media @miradormagazine 

Luke Gilligan is the founder and CEO of Resense, a company that creates innovative and restorative products for individuals living with Dementia. Luke has a passion for care and creating unique, dementia-friendly products and experiences for individuals living with Dementia. 

Resense™ Website

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Text or call: 317-224-3946 

Eric Kolb is the Executive Director of Songs & Smiles. The nonprofit uses dementia-friendly singalongs and magazines to keep families connected during the Alzheimer’s journey.

Songs & Smiles Website

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Ann Aubitz is the Co-owner and Publisher of Kirk House Publishers and FuzionPress. She is proud to present the Reminisce Line of reader-friendly books that is filling a huge gap for those living with dementia as well as our elders who are avid readers and are finding typical offerings either too difficult or too easy to read.


Phone 952-465-2623

Providing Social, Cultural, And Spiritual Engagement To Our Elders And Those Living With Dementia

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Our Panel today consists of Craig Hanke, Ginger Smith, Harry Urban, Laurie Scherrer, Jennifer Bute, and Truthful Loving Kindness who are all living with dementia.  You will hear about when they got diagnosed, how their diagnosis has changed over the years, and how they are living life well with a form of dementia.  Some of our panelists have been living 15 to 20  plus years with dementia!

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