Alzheimer’s Disease – Poem by Norrms McNamara- Who Will Help Me Now?

Here is another beautiful heart-felt poem by my good friend Norrms McNamara who has Alzheimer’s.  Norrms live in the United Kingdom


Who Will Help Me Now?

By Norrms McNamara

You don’t understand a word I say,
You don’t understand my kind of day,
To be rid of this disease, is all that I pray,

Who Will Help Me Now?

All my family think I’m mad,
All my neighbours think I’m bad,
Yet deep inside I am so sad

Who Will Help Me Now?

Dementia takes away my hope,
It takes my knowledge of how to cope,
I feel I`m on a slippery slope,

Who Will Help Me Now?

Is this how I live for the rest of my life?
Seeing nothing but sorrow in the eyes of my wife,
Unknowingly causing this trouble and strife,

Who Will Help Me Now

As every day passes I forget more,
Floating like flotsam, washed up on the shore,
Ever closer, to life’s closing door,

Who Will Help Me Now?

I always wear, a happy mask,
Whilst struggling with every menial task,
So this time I`m going to ask,

Will YOU Help Me Now??

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