Alzheimer’s Society tackles stigma through iPhone

Alzheimer’s Society tackles stigma through iPhone


Alzheimer’s Society hopes to tackle stigma and raise awareness of dementia with the launch of the a new iPhone application launched today (Monday, 31 January 2011)

Brain Map Application, provides a unique and user-friendly way of showing how the brain works.  Users can rotate and zoom in on different regions of the brain and find out what they do. They can also visit the Alzheimer’s Society website via a link from the application and find out about different types of dementia and the support services that Alzheimer’s Society provides.

Said Dajani; New Media Manager at Alzheimer’s Society said:

“With the use of this exciting tool, we will target a new audience and increase awareness of some of the issues surrounding dementia.  Research shows that people often fear dementia leading them to avoid people with the condition, making them feel isolated.  We hope to break down that stigma and make more people aware that dementia is not just a symptom of growing older; it is a disease of the brain and can affect anyone.”

A text-to-donate option allows users to support people living with dementia today, as well as funding the research to find a cure for tomorrow.  To download the free app, go to the App store on your iPhone or click on the following link

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