An Alzheimer’s Icon Leaves Us – Thank You Dotty!

Dotty – An Alzheimer’s Icon Leaves Us

But Her Teachings Will Live On

Through Bob Demarco’s Blog, “The Alzheimer’s Reading Room” many lessons have been learned and shared with thousands of people around the world.  Bob’s mother Dotty had Alzheimer’s disease and Bob cared for her. He  shared their life with the world.  The good, the bad and the ugly, but through it all there was a sense of love, compassion and humor that seem to tie not only Bob and Dotty together but the rest of us voyeurs watching on.  If you are not familiar with the Alzheimer’s Reading Room I highly suggest you check it out.

Here is a tribute to Dotty.  May the heavens wrap her in their arms and give her peace knowing all the work she did here on earth was not in vain,   but helped some many and will continue to do so way into the future.

Thank you Bob for sharing your mother with the world and letting us be part of Dotty’s world.  The intimate    view of living with Alzheimer’s you shared has changed many lives I am sure.  May you find peace in the passing of your mother and may the community you created continue to offer you their prayers and support in the future.

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