Another Great Film on Alzheimer’s Disease – Forgetful, Not Forgotten

I know I have mentioned this film before but it is well worth mentioning it again. ‘Forgetful, Not Forgotten” is a film produced by Chris Wynn, whose Father had Alzheimer’s disease. The film is heartfelt and done in a manner to show the effects of the disease both in progression, as well as the impact on caregivers.

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Chris is working on another project which will focus on young people affected by the disease. The target age Chris is covering is teens, 20’s and 30’s who have changed their lives to become caregivers on all levels. Chris has also started a new Facebook group called “Young Caregiver.” If you are a young person interested in connecting with others dealing with similar circumstances please join the group. Or if you are interested in participating in the film you can reach Chris Wynn through the group or on Facebook in general.

2 Replies to “Another Great Film on Alzheimer’s Disease – Forgetful, Not Forgotten”

  1. I watched you film about your dad and this dreadful diease. It was like you came to my house and interviewed me for the film. I too lost my dad alst year and he also suffered from Alzheimer”s. I also have a brother like you and too my dad”s dog pased away shortly after we put my dad in a nursing home. Every stage your father went through was a carbon copy of what we and dad went through…..exactly! Thank you for sharing your dad”s story it will help those dealing with their own families. We call it the long goodbye. All the best to you in the future. John Stevens and family

    1. HI John

      Thanks for taking the time to watch the video and comment. This was not my personal video but I thought it was very powerful.. Alzheimer’s Speaks believes in sharing the voice of all. I’m glad you connected with he film.


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