Another Miracle – Music Therapy & End Stage Alzheimer’s


I am so excited to share with you another ditty of my Mother in her end stages of Alzheimer’s and the possibilities of connections. I was blessed to have come into my life a woman by the name of Melissa Hirokawa, the owner of Living Spirit Therapy and a board-certified music therapist. Melissa took time to show me her wears as a professional, and even with my Mother in her end stages of Alzheimer’s, she was able to bring Mom out of her shell and bring my her Joy.  I hope you enjoy this video as much as I do.  There are several other sample videos on Alzheimer’s Speaks On YoutTube.  Feel free to check them out and don’t forget to subscribe so you know when new videos are posted.

Here is some information on Living Spirit Therapy

Living Spirit Therapy Services, LLC provides music therapy services specializing in work with the elderly; hospice and palliative care; and those with physical, cognitive, and/or medical issues such as dementia, cancers, stroke, Parkinsons, MS, ALS, Huntington’,s fibromyalgia, and chronic pain.  Music therapists can complement and enhance the work of other allied health professions such as physical and occupational therapists and can often see positive results when other modalities have not been successful.

 Melissa Hirokawa, the owner and board-certified music therapist with LSTS, has a Master of Music in Music therapy; has received advanced training in hospice music therapy, Neurologic Music Therapy, work with the elderly, and music and imagery; is a Fellow in the Academy of Neurologic Music Therapists; has experience providing music therapy services with a wide variety of clientele; has provided eight years of direct care for people with special needs; and has presented locally and nationally on music therapy

9 Replies to “Another Miracle – Music Therapy & End Stage Alzheimer’s”

  1. Hi Lori,

    I enjoyed listening to your mother singing…always do. Its ah-mazing how music can reach her. I look at your face and you are such a wonderful daughter doing what you do for your mother.

    Received my test results on the breast MRI and everything is fine…thank God. Lori, you have a beautiful weekend.

    Love ya,

  2. Hi Lori,

    I especially enjoyed “You Are My Sunshine”. Even though it is beautiful seeing your mom enjoying her music therapy, it tears at my heart. You are so blessed to still have your mother.


    1. Hey Sheri

      How are you doing? So glad to hear from you? Did you get your test back yet? I’m so glad you stay in touch….let me know how things are with you. Have a great Mother’s Day!


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