Are you worried about an older adult’s ability to drive safely?

New Workbook Helps Families of Older Drivers

Are you worried about an older adult’s ability to drive safely?  Would you like to take a proactive step to help prevent a family tragedy? 

“Beyond Driving with Dignity; The workbook for the families of older drivers” is intended to help families confront the challenging and very sensitive issue of talking to a parent about a driving retirement.  Designed for concerned families and geriatric professionals alike, the workbook employs easy-to-use checklists and exercises to help the user develop an objective picture of the older adult’s driving abilities.  Observations are made in the areas of vision and hearing, memory, reflex and reaction times, medication, strength and flexibility as well as an actual driving exercise.

Families are then provided with direction on how to effectively propose a driving retirement to their loved one (if appropriate), and on how to ensure a smooth transition for their loved one from the driver’s seat to the passenger.  Later chapters, such as the “Limit Driving not Living” chapter, help the family accomplish the mission while still working to maintain the delicate balance between the individual’s independence and their personal safety. 

The workbook is very user-friendly as is designed to be used in the privacy and comfort of the family’s own home, without intimidating driving simulators or complex web-based programs.  It is an easy book to read and work through, and one that anyone can understand.  “The book was designed for one primary purpose; to save lives.  It was purposely written in an understandable, easy to use format so that it can be worked by the family, at the family’s kitchen table” says author Matt Gurwell.   

For more information on “Beyond Driving with Dignity; The workbook for the families of older drivers”, please visit  The workbook is also available on 

Orders placed before December 24, 2010, will receive free shipping.  

Full Contact Information:
Matt Gurwell
Founder & CEO
Keeping Us Safe

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