Best Training Video on Dementia From One Who Has It!

Best Training Video on Dementia From One Who Has It!

By Lori La Bey of Alzheimer’s Speaks of Senior Lifestyle Trends,

Trainer, Speaker, Consultant on Alzheimer’s disease and Caregiving


Once Again Dr. Richard Taylor has stepped out of the box and delivered an exceptional training video “Live Outside the Stigma.” 


Everyone talks of the Myths and Stigmas attached to the words “You have dementia, probably of this or that type.” 

What are some of these myths and stigmas?

How does someone living with the real consequences of dementia deal with them?

How does someone living with the disease explain it to others?

How does someone try everyday to over-come their struggles?


Join Richard Taylor, PhD. as he shares his life experiences living with dementia, probably of the Alzheimer’s type.

This Is A Must Watch DVD For Caregivers – Professional And Family, Those With The Symptoms Of Dementia, And Every Other Person On The Planet


Here is what Daniel George, Ph.D, M.Sc from Penn State College of Medicine has to say about the video:

“In this production, Richard Taylor, with great eloquence, emotional honesty, and humanity, shines a light on the myths and stigmas that have become so interwoven into our cultural understanding of dementia.  By exposing the complacent repetition of these powerful myths about dementia, as well as the indignities that result from them, Richard makes an appeal for a more humane, compassionate, and psychosocial approach to dementia — nothing less than a Copernican shift in the way our culture understands and behaves towards persons with aging brains.  This is an impassioned monologue that deserves immediate attention and, more importantly, action.”

As for me I found the video “Live Outside the Stigma” exceptional!  The best educational tool on the market which speaks openly and honestly of the struggles and perceptions of the dementia.  Richard delivers heart-felt information in a calm, easy fashion to understand.  His ability to remove the fear often associated with dementia is spectacular.  The fear factor disintegrates as his demeanor relays hope and understanding of the disease in a new light. 

One of life lessons is making us realize non of us are perfect and dementia is just another disability in the spot light of todays world.  A disability we are eager to be shown how to live with!

 The one problem I fear might exist with this video is that some people may not believe Dr. Taylor has dementia as he speaks so elegantly of his personal journey with it and the lessons he has learned.  Given I know Dr. Taylor personally, I can assure you he is living and breathing day in and day out with the disease.  I hold Richard in the highest regard and admire all he is doing to change the way we deliver care to those with dementia and to those who are caring for those with dementia. I love his passion and willingness to share his insights to make this world a better one in which to live. Kudos Richard!!!  I will do everything in my power to help you spread the word about your video.

To Purchase the video visit this link:

4 Replies to “Best Training Video on Dementia From One Who Has It!”

  1. Hello, if I’m disciplined with myself, I watch this video and listen to Richard only once every day. If I’m less disciplined and TV is boring anyway … honestly, this is – next to Richard’s first book – the most awesome, crystal clear thought through and emotionally touching teaching, out of Richard’s very own experience, heart, mind and spirit. This is the message of hope we can live with – thank you, Richard, once more, thank you!
    Tina, from Switzerland – hope, somebody will make it a multi-language message!

  2. Hello, Lori,
    translating in German for Richard would be no problem for me, I do it all the time – but not on a DVD so far. But I could offer him a transcription. Thanks for telling Richard about my posting!
    Have a great weekend!

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