Blessed Holidays When Alzheimer’s Is in the Picture

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by Trish Vradenburg of UsAgainstAlzheimer’s

Trish'sBlog_logo_us_against_alzIt was also published on the Huffington Post

The one constant about life is that it is always changing. This dynamic is particularly acute around the holidays. USAgainstAlzheimer’s recently asked some of our supporters, who are on the front lines and live this disease every day, for advice on how to tackle this challenging time and create new memories. Here’s what they told us:

1. “Keep your expectations reasonable. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Holidays won’t ever be the way they used to be and every year will be different. But that doesn’t mean they have to be bad. Enjoy the great moments you can still have.”

2. “It’s great if your loved ones are able to communicate their needs to you. But make sure you create a comfortable and nurturing environment for them to be able to share those needs. Ask them direct questions so they have an opportunity to tell you what is best for them.”

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2 Replies to “Blessed Holidays When Alzheimer’s Is in the Picture”

  1. As people grow old, many of them lose enthusiasm about celebrating holidays. If possible, we should keep our elders engaged into activities to the appropriate extent, so they feel involved and cared about, but not to the point that it becomes overwhelming.

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