Book Release: A Love Like God, Embracing Unconditional Love

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Hi Everyone,

I am excited to tell you I am one of the contributing authors in the book “Love Like God, Embracing Unconditional Love,” which will be released soon.  The Author of the book is Caroline A. Shearer.  My story is called, Alzheimer’s disease, Faith, and the Bikini.  I will keep you posted as more details come forward.  




Here is a video to perk your interest in the book –

A Love Like God, Embracing Unconditional Love


7 Replies to “Book Release: A Love Like God, Embracing Unconditional Love”

  1. Perhaps the most universally sought after expression and simultaneously least understood in our world today Unconditional Love is the first of book of its kind to unfold this awareness in a way that everyone will quickly comprehend. Becker masterfully shares the deeper practical meaning behind this dynamic energy and illustrates how unconditional love operates on every level of life. Harold reveals how everything we need to know is already within us and that anyone can live a more balanced life of love wisdom and personal power while being fully present and aware in each moment.

  2. The comment made by Chase really shows what unconditional love is…doing something that breaks your heart because you feel it is the only way to save someone’s life.

    I had to do this with my son and my heart aches for him, but hopefully it will save his life.

    Thank you.

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