Caregiver: Tips For Survival, Strength and Patience

Caregiver: Tips For Survival,

Strength and Patience


Thursday we we will have Dr Larry Force, a licensed clinical social worker with us to discuss his new book The Detoxing of Caregivers: Key Tips for Survival, Strength and Patience. We will also discuss Dimensional Solution Based Treatment (DSBT) – at is it and how is it an effective intervention?

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  1. My wife Susan Dublin started to notice changes in her ability to do normal tasks at 50. After 2 years of testing she was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s. She was a nurse her whole life and enjoyed teaching students and parents about early childhood care. She developed a curriculum that she taught for many years at early childbirth seminars and classes. Once diagnosed with Alzheimer’s her first thought was to write a book on the days to day struggles, first person. She added a friend that she had met at the Alzheimer’s association and together with the help of her aunt (whose husband had the disease) wrote a book, the link is below. They started off writing on a legal pad, then to a tape recorder and finally I finished up her words at the end. The book was published and release in 2012. One of her proudest moments was when the book signing happened at a local Barnes and Noble but by then she couldn’t sign her name. I had a rubber stamp made fir her signature but she really couldn’t even use that. I , along with our children cared for her for 8 years while the disease ravaged her mind. At the end we didn’t know what she heard or could understand, she was legally blind and couldn’t speak. I know there are many horrible diseases out there that people have. Alzheimer’s to me is one of the worst. You can’t fight it. It just takes you a day at a time. Please let people know of her book. The feedback I’ve received is all positive and it helps with some of the questions family members have about the disease.
    Thank you
    Gary Dublin

      1. I would do that but the book tells the story and the fact that she was able to get it published is amazing

  2. I would be glad to do it. PJ is out of the country in a nursing home. I’m not sure what condition shes in and I don’t a way to reach her since shes been moved. Marge is around 88 years old and i believe she would be interested in talking and promoting the book .

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