Celebrating Independence No Matter What Our Circumstances

fireworksHappy 4th of July! 

I hope you each are celebrating our nation and the freedom it allows us with pride and compassion.  While celebrating the red, white and blue theme flying all over our nation I challenge each of you to reflect on how you live your life and how it affects others.

Do you live in gratitude of what you have?

Or do you complain and go down the rabbit hole for things you feel are lacking in your life?

What I have found, is those living and dealing with dementia eventually come to a place of peace and acceptance for what remains, diseased or not.  They focus on and search for hope and in turn they find it in people and projects that come together to improve lives of all. They find purpose in helping solve a problem vs. becoming part of the the problem. They tap their creative sides and talk openly of needs and wants and how changes could impact lives.

They release the dreams they once longed for and appreciate the core of their relationships which they seem to find outweigh their old wish lists on many levels.  Many forge ahead with bucket lists, making modifications when necessary and embrace what it still possible and revealing in the thrill of accomplishment.

The lessons of disease are powerful. 

It is in times of strife that challenge and stretch us to look at the world and ourselves differently.  When we are willing to let go and become totally free of self-criticism and judgement of others, we allow ourselves to truly become free and then are able to live the best life possible within our current circumstances, not matter what that might be.

My wish for you this holiday weekend is that you are able to taste freedom in a new light, by letting go of control and being open to new ways, new people, new thoughts which allow you to be more accepting and gracious of yourself, the environment and others around you.

May you find true joy in the simplest of pleasure and create remarkable moments where ever you roam.

kids on the dock and in the water 070415

My family and I thank you for your support and send you love from the lake.

Enjoy The 4th of and Be Safe!

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2 Replies to “Celebrating Independence No Matter What Our Circumstances”

  1. I have Alzheimers which is listed as mild in my hospital records. I am trying to make every moment count. I am fortunate to have a very supportive family and I wish the same for others who are also dealing with Alz. Thank you all for all the work that is being done for Alz. patients. Arlene (ardmoss@aol.com)

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